Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Sex & the City? Never Mind!!!!

(picture credits: Just Jared, Star Style inc, Celebrity Gossip)

If Sex & the City was once the guide book for every fashionist now you have GG: Gossip Girl. It's also in New York, but instead of 4 girlfriends in the 40's and their relations we have a bunch of 18/20 years old living glamorously in the Upper East Side, dressing Haute Couture every episode and living the adventures of... a book imagined for someone very creative because the scripts are simply improbable... But we love it the same... The 4th season will start at September 13th. Here is the trailer and some photos from the sets.... Don't they look great???


  1. I love SERENA !!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)))))))))))))) she's the biznizzzz ....... beautiful pics ...

  2. can`t wait for the new gossip girl season. I think Serena is totally gonna rock this new season.xx

  3. Serena all the way. She doesn't look at all like a 18 yo (but she's only 23 anyway). I love her clothes the best, always so glam! Vanessa is gorgeous, Blair has her special class but Serena is IT.

  4. Oh tank thank you for sharin g this!! I can´t wait to see the fir title!! xoxo



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