Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Oh Summer.... Daily looks!

I must confess! I am so jealous of everyone on vacation posting beautiful summer looks.... I don't show you pictures of me for a long while because I started working on 26th of July and since then I've been really tired and my life became a little mess! So most of the time I'm not in the mood for pics, and my official photographer, my little sister, is not around anymore.... So, just to bring a breath of summer to my blog, here are some of the looks I used, just before I started "the real life". The looks are very simple and confortable, (I didn't took many night pics) most of them used on the beach... Enjoy!

Grey Blanco Dress in the gorgeous MG from my friend CD

Chilling at home with my always present hand made hairband

Zara Sandals and Mojitos, one for each foot ;)

Zara tank dress - Lancome (the wonders of buying sun products) beach bag - Rayban aviator

Stradivarious shorts - Sfrera shirt - Parfois scarf

Hippie! Handmade Alibaba trousers (bought in the local market) - Mango tank - Rayban aviator

Benneton Tshirt - Chanel vintage watch

Oysho rompers - Oysho black top/lingerie - Zara cardigan - Rayban Wayfarer glasses

World Cup! Zara children tshirt - portugal scarf - Rayban Aviator - my father's hat!

My boy in Prada (every man should have a white shirt), me in Calzedonia lingerie top - vintage necklace - Mango little golden dress

H&M Bikini - Handmade headband - Marc Jacobs sunglasses

Waking up.... Zara Home silk tunica - Berbere silver ring bought in Morocco

Stradivarius bikini - Berskha Cardigan - Marc Jacobs Sunglasses

Weekend out: Lanidor long dress - Oysho necklace


  1. Estas muito bonita!Adorei as fotos.Mesmo sem conseguires tirar ferias,estas com um bronzeado muito bonito!

  2. Wauw you have a cool blog :) I just discovered it!
    I adore your MJ sunglasses!
    I am following you now:)
    You want to come and visit my blog?

  3. Thank you girls! I did 10 days of vacations at the beach (Altura - Algarve) and I passed lots of hours in the pool, mainly in May and June, that's why I'm tanned in the pictures. My skin is still a bit golden from the sundays at pool, I can't imagine myself white!! =)

  4. All nice outfits and pics...Remember me my holidays...

    follow me on twitter if you want

  5. so beautiful!!!
    i miss summer too!!!!

    xx Marina

  6. pois fizesssste e estás linda em todas...e MEGA bronzeada Aiii tb quero =))) *


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