Tuesday, 12 October 2010

9 things about me....

This a challenge sent to me from a blogfriend, tell 9 things about yourself!
I encourage everyone to do it in your blog or in my comments so we can learn a bit more about the people we read everyday.

1- My favourite smell in the world is of fried onion in olive oil.

2- The only city that I can imagine myself living rather than Oporto is Barcelona.

3- My top three movies are Mulholland Drive, Shawshank Redemption and Forrest Gump.

4- My dream job is to teach cinema studies to university students.

5- I'm addicted to lingerie. Everytime I go to a shopping I want to buy something.

6- I love reading and writing. When I was 15 I count the number of books I read in that summer: 34.

7- I slept with a hippo teddy called George every night for the last 10 years.

8- I'm always cold, in the summer I sleep with a duvet driving everyone around crazy.

9- I'm very spoiled and I make (rumor has it) a different voice when I'm talking with my parents or boyfriend.


  1. Hi dear :)

    Nice blog.... <3

    Ivânia Diamond*

  2. - i like ur blog, keep up the good work !

  3. Oi querida... tb concordo com o teu comentário sabes?

    Mas ao que referi.... é mais no sentido de não fazerem dietas loucas... pk terem um 38 ou 36 ou ate 40.... não é mau... é bonito até!


  4. Love your blog! Please visit/join mine:)


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