Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Oxford look for a cold day!

The thing is... I'm not enjoying my face! From 20 pictures I took, this was the only one I liked, I need to spend 10 days sun tanning. Soon! It might be the only solution for me...
Talking about the look. In the morning was 10ºC, really cold for me so I decided to wear my Big Foot boots. I know... They are the ugliest boots in the world, but so confortable and warm I couldn't resist. Jeans, yes that's right, It's not a normal option, I'm a dress girl, but once again, confortable was the word of the day. I matched with a Oxford pattern shirt and my new navy cardigan.

Oysho Cardigan* Pull & Bear shirt* Mango Jeans* Rip Curl Boots


  1. Adoooro o teu casaco. Tenho um muito parecido camel, que believe it or not, é do meu irmão e da Zara Kids! Mas é adorable.
    Estou a gostar muito do teu blog. Continua*



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