Saturday, 9 October 2010

Paris, furs and me...

It's 2h40 in the morning in Paris and I'm tired, but not tired enough not to share with you my bargain. I didn't have the chance to visit too many stores, tomorrow I'll hope to be in the right places. But, and I'm so happy there's a but: I found this Giorgio Armani rabbit fur in a vintage store for an amazing price. It's warm and so soft... I wore it tonight to have dinner, amazing weather in Paris by the way. Here it is the first photo!


  1. Pele? Pele verdadeira...? :-(
    Ana Grichetchkine

  2. Linda!! E só por isso até ganhas um desafio, que está mesmo à tua espera no meu blogue :P
    Beijinho e fica lá tu com a batata quente agora*

  3. Obrigada a todas! E sim Ana, é pele de coelho, eu não tenho nada contra peles verdadeiras se não forem de animais em extinção e que o homem também mate para comer... Life is life....

  4. waauw this is SO fabulous :) Can't wait to see more pictures with it :D
    enjoy paris :)



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