Sunday, 10 October 2010

Shopping in Paris...

In the last 3 days I visited lots of turistic places, beautiful buildings and cathedrals, museums, fancy bars and resturants and stores. Mainly stores! Since art deco to shoes, I saw a bit of everything. I visited the haute couture brands in Saint Honoré and Saint Germains and the alternative styles and designers in Marais and a little bit over everywhere. Even the Louvre store I loved and not to mention the street markets with so many nice antiques worth to buy. I'm going to show you my favourite purchases, not including the ones for my house or the many souvenirs I bought.

I just love this Tiffany's silver necklace with a heart shape locker. It has a very special meaning and I'm sure I'm going to use it almost everyday. It's all I can tell ;)

I always tell I need more sneakers but I never buy... And after some sneakers from designers brands, I'm back to Nike, the one and only, with the most pretty and confortable sports footwear. I bought these because I love the boot shape and the animal print. I felt very feminin using them and I think I can match with some cotton winter dresses I have.

This was my only vintage purchase. Everyhing I saw was old or overpriced so I think I rather buy new stuff. Like I told you in the last post, it was really cheap and the fur is amazing.

These boots were love at first sight. I'd seen some similar in some magazines and blogs but never thought of actually buying some. They are really confortable and warm and the color and model is just perfect for this season tendencies! It's going to match perfectly with the brown aviator jacket I've in my wish list.

In my next post I'll show you some Paris looks. Stay tuned!


  1. olá!!
    bonito look c a camisola na versão túnica e dps c a estola por cima!!
    boas akisições...essas ankle boots,divinas e o k deve estar no saco da Tiffany n fica atrás de certeza =P

  2. Tudo que eu tenho de Tiffany é dos Estados Unidos..cá não se encontram essas caixas axuis maaravilhosas, pois não? :p

  3. Hello!!! O mais perto que por cá temos são as lojas de Madrid, Barcelona, Paris e Lndres ;)


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