Tuesday, 26 October 2010

The world of Halston Heritage

Last January, rumor has it that Sarah Jessica Parker was going to be nominated President and Chief Creative Officer of Halston Heritage. In May she could show to the worl some of her criations in Sex & the City II by wearing 6 dresses Halston Heritage by SJP.

The stylist of the production, Patty Field, says the choice of this brand was not only a demonstration of support of Sarah's work but also meant a breeze of fresh air: "I was just personally a little bit tired of all these exaggerated, artificial shapes on clothing. Shoulders pointed out to there and skirts that look ballooned. I was just feeling - desiring - like, chic simplicity. And so I had turned to Halston". The stylist choice was a worldwide success. The white deep V frock dress used in the first SJP's appearance in the film, frame that is used in the promotional poster, became a huge spring summer hit. It was official, Sarah Jessica Parker allied to a Hollywood hit, launched Halston Heritage back to the greatness of the 70's with the main brand: Halston.
Roy Halston was a hat designer in the late 50's when he receveid an order by the fashion icon, Jacqueline Kennedy. The hat he designed to her was widely copied and Halston became the first designer with celebrity status. After working in some prestigious houses, Halston became independent in the 70's. American socialites considered him the best evening wear designer, famous by the greek and roman draping inspiration. He was a constant presence in Studio 54 and had Bianca Jagger and Liza Minelli as clients and friends.
When he died in the 90's with only 58 years old, a succession crisis was created, later solved by the arrival of the thai born Piyawat Pattanapuckdee.

Watch the womenswear full show AW 2010/2011 here:

Halston Heritage is a second line, cheaper and simpler, that is loyal to Roy Halston first designs by evoking the studio 54 glamour in tiered chiffon dresses and asymmetric mini dresses in a host of candy colors. This translates in one shoulder and double layer mini and maxi items, sequined vests, frocks and golden greek cuts in stretch jersey and silk. Since 1953 to nowadays, Halston's designs are still a hit, now growing in many directions of success.
You can also follow the Halston's world in http://twitter.com/halstonette


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