Friday, 26 November 2010

Birthday and Xmas wishlist!

That's true dear Santa Claus. I was such a good girl this year I deserve these four little items I'm going to ask you. If no one is going to put them under the tree at least give me the chance to offer them to myself. Special attention to Mr. Louis Vuitton presents office, once the bag I want, Vernis Wilshire, was already sold out in Portugal and London... Maybe like the babies, my presents come from Paris! About the Hermes Scarf you can choose the color, the print and the size if it's bigger than 70cmx70cm... Am I not a simple girl? The Marc Jacobs mice shoes... I'll prefer the black ones but if you prefer in grey or brown, it's perfect for me too Santa, just make sure it's a 37!
Don't forget my B-day on the next 22th, so once you are going to stop by at Hermés you can bring me a bracelet too!
I'll be waiting for you under the chimney, all dressed in red as usual, at midnight of the 24th. Can't wait to see you Santa Cutie!


  1. Muito bem, uma lista directa, simples mas eficaz no ânimo de quanquer uma. Dou te os ratinhos se me deres a minha piscina com bar molhado.
    Contento-me com muito :)

  2. fab wishlisht :D I actually have the exact same hermes bracelet, and I wear it all the time... :) Hope you get everything of your wishlisht dear!!


  3. Gosto em especial da pulseira e das flats.
    Gosto muito do novo cabeçalho,sem dúvida muito melhor!O outro era muito Verão.
    Bjs,bom fim de semana.

  4. Ehhe, pedir não custa :) e com alguma sorte vamos ganhar parte (ou tudo) do que pedimos!!! Finger crossed ;)

  5. impossivel o pai natal nao realizar esse pedido TÃO simples ! :P acho que vou tentar a minha sorte também ahah


  6. gostei bastante do cinto!


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