Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Dior nailpolish and remembering Chanel giveaway (4 days to the end!)

Dior launched yesterday this limited edition of greys nailpolish only in Paris and London. I think I'm going to check it out tomorrow. Is available in New Bond Street, the street known by the designer's stores and the best jewelry stores in the world. It were amazing two hours walking there, get to knowing the stores great old buildings and some items collections I hadn't seen yet. And the Diamonds, oh my God, the Diamonds...  With capital "D". 
As soon as I arrive home, I'll make one million post.s with pics of what I saw and daily looks also! By now and talking about nailpolish don't forget the Chanel nailpolish giveaway. It finishes in 4 days. Good luck and all my best from London! xxx

(Info and image credits from Vogue Portugal)

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  1. esta cor é linda...só há mesmo em Londres e Paris?!? Brrr...


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