Tuesday, 23 November 2010

I'm only happy when it rains....

Welcome to my house in Guimarães. It's my pleasure to invite you in since it's not everyone that comes inside here. As you can see this is a country house, all in hood. Here we produce all kinds of vegetables and fruits and we create many animals. So everyone living here has to have rain boots to walk around the fields.

I'm only happy when it rains... If I'm wearing wellington boots. These you can see in the picture I bought in Bristol and they are just perfect to the rain and snow. Back then they had the same boots in yellow and red. I think I chose the right ones but they are so cute and confortable I think I should had bought the red ones too. The overknees socks trend that is all over the magazines this year is just perfect to wear with this kind of boots. It has my name all over it!

I'm wearing: Mango Knit* Zara Trousers* Primark socks* Noa Noa Wellington boots

I leave you now with the music that gave the title to this post. Have a nice rainy day girls!

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  1. Que lindas essas botas!A cor é adorável.
    É lindo ter uma casa de campo,ou seja uma casa de recreio,que é assim que gosto de chamar.
    Gostei das fotos de Londres,esta época põe me a sonhar..
    Estás bonita!
    Mudando de assunto eu não gosto mesmo nada de tudo que é anónimo-é cobarde e ponto final.Só respondi gentilmente para mandar a dita pessoa para aquele sítio..


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