Saturday, 20 November 2010

Night out in London

Hi everyone! To have dinner out in London I chose this silk dress I've shown you here before. It has a big clivage but I think it's really classy and I tried to keep the look simple. In this picture you can see what was inside the little Tiffany box: a black bone china key!

This photo was taken in my hotel, a cosy place at Hyde Park that I loved. Here you can see my complete outfit and details of my watch and clutch in the next pictures.

I was wearing: Mango silk dress* Zara Stilettos* Mulberry clutch* Chanel watch* Tiffany Necklace


  1. Wow, that dress looks so amazing on you! Plus, I love your accessories!

    Froso from Style Nirvana

  2. oooooh you look SO amazing!! I love the dress, the necklace and your clutch is awesome :D


  3. Olá!
    Ainda estou doida por ter sido a vencedora do teu giveaway!Foi tãoo bom!
    Estás linda nas fotos,adoro o decote do vestido,simplesmente lindo.Esse colar é fabuloso,adorava ter um igualzinho-é demais!

  4. Hello!!!

    o vestido é girissimo!! é desta coleção? ainda não vi na loja... é mt lindoo sim...

    Até alinhava em comprar um.

  5. Thank you all girls, It feels great to read your sweet comments =)

  6. Hello! vi o vestido na mango aqui ao lado, vale mesmoooo a pena... super!

    Beijinhoss e obrigada!

    Hj já me desgraçei o suficiente ehehe, acho q espero pelos saldos a ver se se vai aguentar até lá!

  7. Epá, ficas "qualquer coisa" nesse vestido!!
    simples e elegante


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