Monday, 22 November 2010

Shopping marathon look

In my second day in London I spent some time in Oxford Street shopping and looking around the Christmas decorations. I was on my own but I had so much fun, it was really good to my soul. These pictures were taken during that hours.

This store inside Selfridges was really amazing. It had the most original toys I've seen, most of them to grown ups. Here you can see the headband I bought early that day in Primark. It was my debut at this shop. I must confess I was a bit affraid of the mess, but I really enjoyed some items they had and I bought more than this headband like you are going to see in my next posts.

At Disney's store! I just love Disney stories and characteres and I spent 30 minutes of quality time inside there. I looked happier than the kids, actually I was one of them =)

Here you can see my new animal print coat again. This was in New Bond Street and Louis Vuitton amazing store is in my back. This pic was taken for one of the nice girls that works at Dior, just in the front door of the store.

I was wearing:
Zara Kids coat* Zara Kids Dress* Zara Boots* Primark Headband* Tiffany Key necklace* Tiffany Heartlocker Neclace* Gucci Bag


  1. Zara kids?! a sério? boa!

    (obrigado pelas dicas, se eu finalmente perder o medo...)


  2. Zara Kids is cheapier and the dress is not even the bigger, it's a 11 years old and cost less than 25€ =)

  3. Uau! guess I'll have to try kidslandia too*

    I've visited River Island in a trip to Amsterdam and I'm a little disappointed

  4. =) nc me lembrei de ir comprar ao zara kids...deve funcionar ja que so peso 50 kg! ahahaha




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