Friday, 19 November 2010

A Teddy Bear lost at Tiffany's

Hi everyone! I'm just back from London! It was really cold and rainy but is was so refreshing to be back to the UK, I just loved. The streets were already dressed in Christmas, I'm already into the spirit, it was impossible not to! I have so many things to tell you... I want to show you my favourite shops in the UK, I want to tell you about my shops and show you my London looks. But let's start with this one for the first day (2ºC). What's better than a shopping marathon to warm me up?

I think I love jewelry even more than clothes so my first walk was in New Bond Street and this Tiffany's Xmas decoration just rocked my world, it was beautiful!!! This is the main Tiffany store in London, it has 3 floors and I found out the manager is portuguese. I kept his email and he promissed to bring me whatever I want in his monthly visits to Portugal once they don't sell online to my little country. It was a really nice chat, and I got a different idea from the inside of this jewelry icon store.

After being lost at Tifany's! My look: Earmuffs offered  by my boyfriend in Paris* Zara kids Coat* Yves Salomon rabbit fur scarf* Mango jeans* Zara Boots* Gucci bag

The small one was a gift for me and the bigger, a gift to my boyfriend. What do you think is it inside the blue boxes?

(Tomorrow I'll announce the giveaway winner! Stay tuned for the next posts about the Europe Apple!)


  1. Lucky girl ;)

  2. hummmm 2ºC?? sente-se mt o frio?? vou p lá dentro de 1 semana +-! que frioooo não tenho assim tanta roupa quenteeeeeeee, o que aconselhas??

  3. Olá! Sim ajudas-te bastante! então posso apostar em roupas como aqui em Portugal!! Já tenho andado com botas impermeáveis p a chuva, umas coisinhas quentinhas, uns vestidinhos!

    Para dar um pulo à noite Londrina é q vai custar mais, porque adoro sair de salto altoo, vestidos e cm vou ter de andar mt a pé, lá terei de sair as botas do dia.
    Vou começar a fazer conjuntos, p não ter de levar uma mala para 15 dias!

    Beijinhos e obrigadaaaaaa

  4. Um anel para ti e um relógio para ele??? Adorei o teu casaco!! =)

  5. Adoroooo as "orelhas"!!!

    nice pics dear :D*

  6. Olá!
    Estavas gira com esse look quentinho.
    Fiquei curiosa com as coisinhas Tiffany.Que sorte!!


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