Thursday, 30 December 2010

A dress in a Box...

is something that every woman should receive in her life... The excitement of discover inside the box a beautiful dress to wear with someone you love... Yesterday, as a late Christmas presents I received one of those. It's so simple, delicate but gorgeous... I just can't wait to show you. My dress is a design from Diane von Furstenberg AW10 collection. She is a remarkable lady, very classy and aged with plenty of glamour.

I always admired her and now I have a piece of my own. Let me show you some other dresses from her collection. Mine you'll see here in a couple of days! I'm going to the mountains for a small vacation but I'm with a tonsilitis, hopefully I won't be in bed when the rings bell.

Happy New Year everyone!!

Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue...

Well, almost everything is new... From my Christmas presents I'm wearing the mink collar, the Bimba CH lamb leather bag and the wool hat. New but also blue are my jeggings and the stripes of my cashemire/ wool jersey bought last week. Besides the vintage chairs, borrowed to this 2 minute shooting, the something old are my brown leather Prada shoes that I bought last February.

This is my daily basic make up to winter days. Sun powder to the face, a bit of blush, light brown and a darker one eye shadow and I'm ready to go! I don't use mascara everyday because my eyelashes are already huge.

I'm wearing:
Massimo Dutti Jersey* Zara Jeggings* Prada Shoes* Mink collar* Carolina Herrera bag* Parfois Hat

Tuesday, 28 December 2010


1- Quick Blush: portable, all-in-one brush and blush. Swivels up to reveal a full brush, pre-loaded with cheek colour contained right in the cap.
2- Defining Liner for Lips: makes lips beautiful by definition. Modern precision pencil with built-in sharpener in the cap creates the look you want, anywhere. Creamy, non-feathering formula goes on smoothly, evenly, stays all day. Even helps lipstick stay in place.
3- Cream Shaper For Eyes: creamy-smooth eyeliner pencil. Shapes and defines with intense, stay-put colour. Non-smudging, water- and transfer-resistant. Easy to sharpen, too.
4- Long Last Glosswear SPF 15: lip gloss juiced up with 8 hours of lasting shine. Spends every minute comforting and protecting your lips.
5- Quick Eyes Cream Shadow: have a beautiful eye day, all day. Light, velvety cream glides on vibrant colour that wears up to 10 hours, stays beautifully crease-proof and colour true.

So I won this Clinique kit in The Stiletto Effect Blog. I participated in my B-day and the winners were chosen randomly so I can understand this like a birthday gift the universe is giving me. And now I'll need to buy a cute small bag to carry this basics once all my small bags are already in use. Oh Lord... And just now that I decided no more shopping for me for a while. Karma is a b*** right?

Black tuesday...

For those who are still looking for a bargain let me show you some items on sale on For a total black look I suggest:

Alexander McQueen Tshirt - 40% discount - 152€

Yves Saint Laurent Knee High Boots - 60% discount - 358€

Givenchy Peep Toe - 60% discount - 168€

See By Chloé clutch - 25% - 150€

Why cry for a satchel when you can have a hobo?


No, Jo "The Carrot", I'm not over the Marc. I've just bought one.
My plan C (after going online and Spain) was to visit a store here in Guimarães that has Marc Jacobs, Gucci, Chloé, Balenciaga, YSL and what so ever and see if they had any bag I liked and if the discount was worth it. If in Spain the store was full, here it was almost empty and the sales just started today. It is true that in Portugal luxury products are always sold out, people care more about how they look and brands. Maybe they care more about what others think about their own image and how wealthy they are but, seriously... This post is not about that.
I arrived there and I tried to remain focused. I saw the YSL heels and I igored them, aswell as the Balenciaga flats and the Gucci sneakers.
The Sophie satchel from Marc by Marc that I wanted was sold out as in Spain, as in Net a Porter... I think the Alexa Mulberry is guilty in charge since this Marc one was a cheaper option to have a satchel bag. I saw this Marc by Marc hobo "Pretty Napa" in black leather and I liked. I didn't want to see any others. It was with 40% discount and the good thing about shopping in the street is that I don't have to pay for shipping (29€ on Net a Porter) and I already have the cutie here next to me as I write this post. So my sale treat is done. I'm the happy owner of a lady bag! Next to this one all the others look for children, it's so big I've no idea what I'm going to put inside. But I'll have fun finding out. Did yoy enjoy my purchase?

I'm wearing: Sfera wool tunic dress* Golden pashmina I bought in Jerusalem

Monday, 27 December 2010

The rain in Spain stays mainly in the plain...

I went to bed and I woke up thinking about the bargain I've lost the day before (check the last post) so I decided I had somehow to solve the situation. I'm lucky enough to live only 100 km from Vigo. When I was little my mother had a shoe store near the border and I used to go to Vigo everyweek. All my toys and clothes came from there. Arriving El Corte Ingles in La Gran Via is like arriving home.

So I arrived, ignored other stores on sale (they exist in Portugal too) and went directly to my favourite shop there: Max B. They have all the brands I love and they have good taste. I always like everything I see there and I know that are many things from that brands collections they just decide not to buy.  
The store was not on sale yet but I could enjoy the frequent customer discount since December 1st. I was the only person in the store (the shoes and bags one)! You have to ring to get in, which I think is intimidating. I was on my own, the store was huge and I started looking around once the store was full (crisis, crisis, crisis).
I was thinking about the Marc Jacobs bag so I went straight to them. I saw one similar but bigger. All in black leather and gold details. It was cute and the price was friendly. It was not exactly what I was looking for but I was going to take it.  But then I saw the YSL pumps. You know... The ones. Black leather and that beautiful heel. Just perfect to my feet! And then I saw a small Balenciaga in black snake leather and another, bigger,  in grey suede. And then I saw an amazing wrinkled leather Miu Miu clutch. Everything with discount. Everything fabulous!
I want it all and I just could buy one. My head started spinning, I got dizzy. I breath in, breath out and I decided I couldn't decide! I left the store, bought a couple of things from a spanish brand in El Corte Ingles where my car was parked and I returned to Portugal. Sad. Sad as a dark, rainy highway journey can be!

PS- I decided this sales season I'm going to buy one statement item instead of 20 others I really don't need. I shop all the time, so I want something that the price is normally an obstacle for me. This saga is not over but 'till the end of the week I'm going to define my strategy. And hopefully I'll enter in 2011 with a fab new...... Let's see ;)

Sunday, 26 December 2010

To be or not to be... In black leather and golden details....

I hate sales! I mean... I love them... But I hate living in a small town/ country in sales time. I miss so much the time when I lived in England and I had amazing sales in brands that are not even in stores here. And if they are, the items I want  never go for sale: "Everything with 50% discount (unless bags, shoes and accessories)"! Gosh how I hate this. And even though I'm going to Madrid I think in 3 weeks everything is worth it will be sold out. So... All I have is online shopping...
Now the question is... Should I be hanging around, looking for bargains here and there or just finish the subject by buying this beauty now. Marc Jacobs, 40% discount. Your call!

Post Edited: I entered in my Net a Porter account, started looking for the bag and PANIC. It's not there anymore! Damn! I hope it's not sold out. Not now that I decided that I wanted to buy it. If anyones see it on sale in another website, please let me know. 

Post Edited II: Is sold out everywhere!! At least the ones on sale, because I won't give 500€ for her. #%=$ %*!!

Saturday, 25 December 2010

Because I was such a good girl....

... this year I received lots of presents for my Birthday and Christmas. None of them was what I asked for, but I was expecting that once the surprise factor is quite important for my beloved ones. Between books, gadgets and other things I received items related to fashion. Let me show you some of them.

Wool hat from Parfois.
I just can't wait for using it!

Antique gold cross pendant
I have a true passion for antiques so this present has a special meaning from a special person.
(sorry for the photo quality, you'll see it better in a nearby outfit) 

Mink collar.
I can use it also as a headband. Just so fluffy and delicate.

Carolina Herrera Bimba bag in sheep leather and fur.
It's great to wear with this years winter must haves and besides that isn't just the cutest thing ever?
 It has my name written all over!!!

Moncler fur hooded parka
I don't have this present yet, but I found a photo of one similar in the web. Moncler jackets are the warmest in the world. My sister has one just like this and I was always saying I wanted to save to buy one. She and my older brother decided to offer me as a Christmas present but it didn't arrive yet :( I hope the mail makes me a suprise before my small vacations in the mountains next week.

Finally the gift to myself.... I thought a lot about it and I decided to buy me a present with another present. Let me explain: 

The capital of Spain where I have some friends living and I don't know the city at all. I booked myself a flight and I'm going to spend an extended weekend there next month. I'm excited with the sales of a big city with great high street stores but let's see if my budget survives to the sales starting tomorrow.

Did you enjoy my gifts? I want to see yours too! Let's open the big red bag girls!!

This Christmas I wore:


I was supposed to wear my new dress by Asos in Xmas eve but the dress in chiffon is far too voluptuous when you are hosting a dinner for 18 people with children around. I might use it in new year's eve. So as everyone else in my house, I decided to keep it simple but, of course dressed in red. I chose this wool tunic once is warm and at the same time has lots of Christmas allusions. A pair of skinnie jeans and red and white sneakers and I was ready to the longest night of the year.

My adorable older niece in velvet, another Christmas must have.

I'm wearing: Zara Wool Tunic* Zara skinnies* Gucci Sneakers

My younger niece in grey and fur. Another Xmas great look.
Children are the best we can have around. Word!


Apologize my sleepy face. I woke up at 1 pm and I was really sleepy when I arrived my brother's house. For the Christmas day I decided to wear a full black look with a pearls and gold necklace and zebra shoes. The skirt was just what I was looking for and found a couple of days ago. Pay attention to the dots of my tights. I don't like to see tights very flashy but these are just adorable.

I'm wearing: Zara skirt and turtleneck* Pull & Bear Cardigan* Seaside Zebra Shoes* Massimo Dutti tights

Thursday, 23 December 2010

Love and a Fireplace...

These photos are related to my unofficial birthday dinner. My boyfriend invited me dinner in the day before so he could spend the midnight with me in a great environment. We went to one of the best restaurants of our little country and we stayed next to a fireplace, drinking champagne and eating the delicious food till I had my present and a small, but adorable, birthday cake at midnight. I just loved this dinner, it was one of the best nights of my year. Here are some photos, I hope you like it!

Mango Coat and CH bag

H&M tunic dress

Birthday girl and her favourite present!

And enough is said ;) I'll post my birthday dinner look soon. Thank you all for the kind messages, you made me smile once again =)

Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Happy birthday to me...

I made this video for you that caused me so many smiles in the last 7 months. You have to wait 27 seconds to see what I have to show you but I think it's worth it. Have fun and any question... Just do it!
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