Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Angora Dream in New York...

I try not post looks and subjects that I saw before in other blogs. But are some things that are just impossible not to talk about it and give your view in your blog. Examples:  the H&M heart Lanvin collection, the Oscars gowns, the brand new designs seen in catwalks in fashion weeks and... This Atelier Versace white wonder that Angelina Jolie wore.

Place: NY, premiére of "The Tourist" movie that Angie co-stared with Jonhy Deep
Suprise fact: Angora fabrics


I saw many pretty dresses in my life, I'm obsessed with gowns since I know myself, but I never thought that a dress made of this material, known to be used confortably in day looks, could look so sexy and Haute Couture. This ivory white, long sleeved dress just looks amazing. It has a regular clivage, a huge opening in the bottom and she's wearing white shoes but... It looks so winter!! So New York in December...

Clap Clap to Angelina Jolie and her stylist, this was one of the best premiere dresses choices I've ever seen. Just one note to the hairstyle, bare legs and earings: perfect! I'm surrended! This look should be an inspiration all of us now that the weather is cold. Winter doesn't mean dark. Just take a risk and shine like she did!


  1. Fabulosa!
    Quando a vi pensei o mesmo.

  2. mas é mesmo! mal vi as fotos pensei:ora aqui está um vestido perfeito...qual LBD!e deve ser um toque fabuloso...todo em caxemira....elegante e quentinho,se eu tivesse um assim para o Ano Novo nao tenho duvidas de que seria um ano inesquecivel =)




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