Saturday, 25 December 2010

Because I was such a good girl....

... this year I received lots of presents for my Birthday and Christmas. None of them was what I asked for, but I was expecting that once the surprise factor is quite important for my beloved ones. Between books, gadgets and other things I received items related to fashion. Let me show you some of them.

Wool hat from Parfois.
I just can't wait for using it!

Antique gold cross pendant
I have a true passion for antiques so this present has a special meaning from a special person.
(sorry for the photo quality, you'll see it better in a nearby outfit) 

Mink collar.
I can use it also as a headband. Just so fluffy and delicate.

Carolina Herrera Bimba bag in sheep leather and fur.
It's great to wear with this years winter must haves and besides that isn't just the cutest thing ever?
 It has my name written all over!!!

Moncler fur hooded parka
I don't have this present yet, but I found a photo of one similar in the web. Moncler jackets are the warmest in the world. My sister has one just like this and I was always saying I wanted to save to buy one. She and my older brother decided to offer me as a Christmas present but it didn't arrive yet :( I hope the mail makes me a suprise before my small vacations in the mountains next week.

Finally the gift to myself.... I thought a lot about it and I decided to buy me a present with another present. Let me explain: 

The capital of Spain where I have some friends living and I don't know the city at all. I booked myself a flight and I'm going to spend an extended weekend there next month. I'm excited with the sales of a big city with great high street stores but let's see if my budget survives to the sales starting tomorrow.

Did you enjoy my gifts? I want to see yours too! Let's open the big red bag girls!!


  1. Olá!
    Que bonitas as fotos de Natal!A tua sobrinha é muito fofa!
    Quanto às prendinhas,são o máximo,adoro a bolsa CH e o pingente é lindo!

  2. wow what a lovely things!!! The hat is so cool!!

    happy holidays sweetie :)


  3. A mala é linda ! Fiquei curiosa com o comentario que deixaste no meu blog via facebook e vim dar uma olhada
    jo de sketchbook six

  4. lovely presents
    merry christmas
    great blog

  5. Adorei a mala da CH... linda! E claro, a viagem a Madrid... não fosse apaixonada por essa cidade!



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