Saturday, 18 December 2010

Christmas blue

I'm feeling blue. And I'm all dressed in black. Every year I feel this way, this year even worse, my people knows why. When I moved to Bristol I wrote a post, 3 days after I arrived, in my other blog.  In that day my brother called me and said that I couldn't write things like that because it made him sad. So I stopped. And like I said in the other day I want to be positive over here. But it's Christmas... And besides what really makes me blue I'm feeling fat, I'm feeling ugly. Blue. Or maybe green like Fiona in Shrek. And that's why I'm doing this post. Not to share what makes me unhappy but show you moments where the verb "to miss" is a good thing. Let's say this post is like a booster to my ego. Let me show you pink moments in my blue today...

A bright Saturday in Bristol (rare) with sunflower, my favourite flower

Crossing the sea from Europe to Africa


A rainy day in this spring

"So good at being Bad"

Between Ibiza and Formentera

Luz Stadium, Benfica won Porto and I was wearing a jersey my favourite player offered me the day before

Looking good, feeling good!

After some time living in England you'll want to put everything you find in your head. Bunny ears were a normal accessorie.

Admiring my music box, the best gift I ever received.


Singing (screaming) jukebox songs in the end of a night...

At Casa Batló - Barcelona makes sooo happy!!

First night alone in another country...

London, last month.

And here they are again!!!

Drinking a Heineken after 6 hours driving in Spain

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

I have rabbits in my father's house. They are soooo adorable!!!

The Beach of my life: Alagoa beach in Algarve

Dolce Far Niente

Arriving Sintra - One of the most beautiful villages in Portugal

CIA style!!

In Wales with friends, what a great day.

Decisions, decision, decisions...

Going to Lisbon with my Valentine's day present

Chillin at home

Yey Coronita in Tel-Aviv

My private paradise (shiuuu...)

I stood up! San Isidro 2010 with snowblades

Calling home from 7th Av - The Fashion Avenue - New York

At my grandparents house. They don't live there anymore but my heart does.

I started doing this post 40 minutes ago. Just the task of looking for the pictures and seeing them made me smile. I don't want to make an enormous post, otherwise I'll be posting pictures here the entire night! I do hope you enjoy to see this happy moments of the last 2 years. I did...


  1. thanks for sharing those happy moments of your life. :D

    (you are neither fat, nor ugly!!! quite the opposite :D)

  2. Olá Raquel!
    Que delícia de fotos!
    São momentos sem dúvida para guardar com muito carinho,e tu,muito bonita!

  3. E é assim e só assim, que eu te vejo e desejo, neste próximo quarto de século cujo início se aproxima... linda e feliz!!

  4. Oh babe...
    em momentos menos bons... pensa, a vida são 2 dias... não há tempo para tristezas! baah (eu não sou exemplo, mas faz o k te digo e não o k eu faço)..

    delicia de fotos das tuas viagens.. :D
    e..só para saberes, se já tinha uma big empatia por ti, agora então...ÉS UMA GLORIOSA COMO EU!!!! LOVELY <3 carrega benfica com muita mulher bonita!! ;)


  5. nice photos :)

  6. Eih Dear! ♥ would you like to participate at my GIVEAWAY in collaboration with You can win a beautiful Fiorelli BAG!!!
    I'm waiting for you...XOXO and Good Luck ;)
    LiDì ♥

  7. É normal o ser humano quando está triste reviver momentos tristes e ouvir musicas tristes para ficar ainda mais triste...:( mas se contrariarmos esse sentimento vendo momentos que nos fizeram felizes e ouvirmos musicas que nos façam sorrir..é bem melhor!! Ah...e nada melhor do que seguir os sábios conselhos dos irmãos mais velhos ;)

  8. GIRAS GIRAS,,,,,as fotos !!!

  9. É pecado dizeres que te sentes feia e gorda. E adorei, acho que todos gostaram que partilhasses pinky momentes ca gente!
    Esteja à vontade para o repetir!

  10. ADOREI!!!! Também estava a pensar fazer algo do género mas só mesmo no último dia do ano, com os melhores momentos de 2010 :)

    beijinhos *

  11. Every winter I'm feeling nostalgic;
    I am feeling nostalgic for Summertime.!!!!

    kiss Marina

  12. Agarra-te às imagens que guardam os teus momentos de felicidade, nem que só de um sorriso de 5minutos se trate, mas ao menos lembraste que ali sorriste, ali foste feliz!
    Não deixes nunca o azul apoderar-se de ti, trava-o com estas imagens, com as orelhas de coelhinha ou até com uma garrafa como amiga, mas nunca deixes a tristeza levar o teu sorriso, pois ele é muito valioso :D

    Beijinhooos e sê FELIZ :D


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