Thursday, 2 December 2010

A diabetic in a candy shop....

.... that's how I felt today while doing Christmas shopping at Carolina Herrera. I love this store, I really do. I have many bags, accessories, clothes and what so ever from CH because I think things are classy and have great quality. So there was I choosing things to my family and thinking focuse R, you need to keep focused, you are buying Christmas presents not Raquel's presents!!! And so it was. I bought there 8 gifts, (I can't reveal any longer because they read the blog) and in the end I saw something that made me think; yes I do deserve that for being such a good girl today. It's a badge with one of CH bag models: the shopping bag. So that's right, I have a badge saying "Shopping", or in other words: This girl scout wears Carolina Herrera!


  1. Ahaha! Ontem fui comprar prendinhas de Natal também e tive que conter para não trazer só prendas para mim!Não fui eficaz :)

  2. Olá,
    Onde compraste esse emblema da CH? Fui ao el Corte Inglês em Lisboa e disseram-me que não vendiam :/

    Beijinho *

    1. Olá Dalila, comprei no outlet em vila do conde.

  3. Obrigada, vou então procurar pelas outlets aqui na zona de Lisboa, possa ser que encontre!! ***

  4. Opá não encontro o emblema em lado nenhum :(


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