Thursday, 9 December 2010

The eternal fashion blogs labels discussion and other bitter posts in the web: JUST BE POSITIVE GIRLS!!!

I remember to myself everyday how lucky I am. And if I have issues it is not by posting my anger in my blog or others, that they are going to disappear. Being positive is a lifestyle!

I was going to do this post for a long while but I just let it go. But something today made me open my eyes. I was jumping from blog to blog (I spend 2 to 3 hours reading about all kinds of subjects online) when I found a blog from an Italian girl. I was enjoying the blog, I start reading, older and older posts until I find a bitter post about Chiara Ferragni and how she should not be considered a fashion blogger. I read also today in Independent Fashion bloggers an article that states that blogs like Chiara's that only shows diary looks should have the label of "personal blogs" or "diary outfits blog" but not "fashion blogs". Well, here we go...

Although Chiara is not a journalist and never writes too much about tendencies, she shows them in her looks, she even designed a shoe collection, so I'm not quite sure if she isn't indeed a fashion blogger. I don't even know if I am a fashion blogger... (Is it really needed to have a label on it??) I work in fashion, I write about fashion, I do my research and study a lot. But when people ask I just prefer to say that I have a "baby blog about fashion" because I never even studied design or fashion history and I don't have the background that I wish I do. The thing is... This is not important!!! Just let people give to themselves the labels they want and not care about it.

In this post about Chiara the blogger countinued saying that some of her Balenciaga bags are fake. Ok. I was shocked!

1) I hate fakes. I don't understand who use them because I'll prefer one million times to use a Zara bag in good leather that a fake louis Vuitton in plastic.

2) I don't think that Chiara Ferragni shows fakes in her blog. I admire her success and although I don't agree all the time with her choices or entusiasm for certains things, I'm a reader of The Blonde Salad and I enjoy it!

3) Even if it's fake! This bloggger doesn't have the right to say such kind of thing. Am I right? I saw many fake bags in blogs I visited descrived as the real thing,  some in models that don't even exist, but I just ignored. My blog is my space, your blog is your space. And I'm going to respect that.

I could make a post about how cheesy I think cupcakes are or that I considerer that Anna del Russo sometimes goes way too far. But I won't. I want this blog, mine, to be a positive blog. A blog about things that I like, why talk about we don't like??? And I think my readers have the same inner because I read their posts everyday.

I just needed to tell you this dears! Just do what makes you feel better and never forget that positive thoughts and actions bring positive things to your life!




  1. ora nem mais ! isso é coisa de gente invejosa, que não tem mais nada que fazer. e para mim pouco interessa se é oficialmente, ou não, um blog de moda. se eu gosto vou ler e seguir, senão não o faço. esta gente só quer complicar !


  2. Babe concordo plenamente ctg! Uma coisa é ter opiniao outra é essa tendencia para se criticar (muitas vezes sem fundamento) os outros em nome da frontalidade e da verdade! Tretas! Life is full of crap so this, the blogs are for fun, for happiness, for making friends...


  3. wauw wonderful post!! I totally agree with you, it's not because you show an outfit everyday or because you never show an outfit that you're not a fashion blogger!! People should just not read or pay attention to your blog if they don't like it... :)

    big kisses dear

  4. That's a very interesting point of view. Thanks for sharing! I agree that blogs should be fun and positive but sometimes there are issues we need to talk about. I wish you would've included the link to the IFB article you are refering to.
    Marie xx

  5. Houve uma altura em que tambem eu fiz uma crítica ( construtiva) sobre os bloggers nacionais de moda. na altura foquei-me em diferenciar bloggers que mostram outfits,dos bloggers que fazem tb consultoria de imagem.Devo dizer que tb aí fui alvo de críticas atraves de comments que diziam "tens é inveja..etc´s" e foi aí que percebi que o nosso País terá sempre esta forma de pensar....

    Se as pessoas veem uma crítica,ainda que construtiva optam por "etiquetar" a pessoa de forma a inferiorizá-la apenas para s sentirem melhor consigo proprios.Para mim,é maioritariamente um problema de egos,de mentalidades ha muito trabalhadas para serem assim: focadas apenas para críticar desconstruindo o trabalho dos outros.

    Optei por deixar de colocar opinioes minhas tao intimas,e apenas partilhar a minha paixao pela moda,com um pouco de consultoria de imagem e looks.

    Agora sou apologista de que os bloggers se mentalizem apenas no que as faz felizes,sem necessidades de comparações,e coisas que tais...mas nao é facil querer fazer-se algo diferente...será sp alvo de pessoas de má fé.

    gostei muito do artigo. gosto da Blonde salad mas tenho outras favoritas por serem únicas na sua visão de estilo e identidade pessoais.




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