Tuesday, 14 December 2010

I ordered my red dress for Christmas Eve!!

Yesterday was a special day at Asos.com, you could order one piece and enjoy of 20% discount plus free shipping and they assure you the item arrives your home before Xmas. I read the email in the afternoon, but I had so many things to do, I just forgot. Ten minutes to midnight I started looking for red dresses (I always wear red in the December 24th). My first option was this one:

 The dress is beautiful, I love the collegiate front but it has two problems. Although my house is very warm inside I don't know if I will be confortable enough with a sleeveless dress and naked back. My boyfriend was on the phone accompanying the entire process while I was sending him links to watch the dresses and he prefered this one. So doubt taken, I was going to be frozen but gorgeous for Xmas and my boy. (He hates to go shopping with me but I think he has an amazing taste so I had to take this chance =) But then... The smaller sizes were sold out, which  I can understand, once this dress was showed in several fashion blogs. Lucky girls who got them. Then against the clock I went to my second choice:

Actually this was the first dress I saw that captured my attention. I liked the sleeves detail, I liked that it's fluid (I don't have many like this), I adored the red tomato color and it's really sexy! Link sent, an "yes, I liked hon" on the other side and 2 minutes before midnight I ordered the dress. It was a battle, let's see when it arrives if I'm going to like to see it in my body. I can already imagine nude pumps and red lips and nails. How about you girls: do you think I made a good buy?


  1. Olá Raquel!
    Muito bonito o que compraste e sem dúvida o mais adequado.
    Sabes em relação ao cinto Moschino,eu gosto e comprava se visse.Mas lembro-me perfeitamente de ele se usar bastante nos anos 90 e tornou se realmente um pouco piroso por causa dos fakes.
    Sabes uma altura dei uma bolsa Moschino que na altura não gostava muito e que achava estar muito danificada.Mentira.Era tão gira...temos uma relação com a Moschino parecida!Bjs!!
    Engraçado o "alma loira" mas é uma verdade!

  2. These dresses are amazing!! And is there anything better than a red dress for the holidays?? I think not! ;-)

  3. Great choices!!!

    Adorei os pormenores em ambos os vestidos: num caso nas costas e noutro nas mangas! E acho que descobriste a fórmula para conseguirmos ter a opinião dos nossos boyfriends sem termos de os arrastar para as lojas! Tenho definitivamente que experimentar!


  4. O primeiro é demais mas o segundo é definitivamnt mais sexy!**

  5. Lindos os dois!!!
    Grande compra ;)


  6. Eu acho que nada acontece por acaso...o 2º vestido sendo mais fluido é muito mais sexy do que o primeiro. o 1º é assim girly e classy,mas este 2º....é simplesmente etéreo.





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