Monday, 27 December 2010

The rain in Spain stays mainly in the plain...

I went to bed and I woke up thinking about the bargain I've lost the day before (check the last post) so I decided I had somehow to solve the situation. I'm lucky enough to live only 100 km from Vigo. When I was little my mother had a shoe store near the border and I used to go to Vigo everyweek. All my toys and clothes came from there. Arriving El Corte Ingles in La Gran Via is like arriving home.

So I arrived, ignored other stores on sale (they exist in Portugal too) and went directly to my favourite shop there: Max B. They have all the brands I love and they have good taste. I always like everything I see there and I know that are many things from that brands collections they just decide not to buy.  
The store was not on sale yet but I could enjoy the frequent customer discount since December 1st. I was the only person in the store (the shoes and bags one)! You have to ring to get in, which I think is intimidating. I was on my own, the store was huge and I started looking around once the store was full (crisis, crisis, crisis).
I was thinking about the Marc Jacobs bag so I went straight to them. I saw one similar but bigger. All in black leather and gold details. It was cute and the price was friendly. It was not exactly what I was looking for but I was going to take it.  But then I saw the YSL pumps. You know... The ones. Black leather and that beautiful heel. Just perfect to my feet! And then I saw a small Balenciaga in black snake leather and another, bigger,  in grey suede. And then I saw an amazing wrinkled leather Miu Miu clutch. Everything with discount. Everything fabulous!
I want it all and I just could buy one. My head started spinning, I got dizzy. I breath in, breath out and I decided I couldn't decide! I left the store, bought a couple of things from a spanish brand in El Corte Ingles where my car was parked and I returned to Portugal. Sad. Sad as a dark, rainy highway journey can be!

PS- I decided this sales season I'm going to buy one statement item instead of 20 others I really don't need. I shop all the time, so I want something that the price is normally an obstacle for me. This saga is not over but 'till the end of the week I'm going to define my strategy. And hopefully I'll enter in 2011 with a fab new...... Let's see ;)


  1. I love Max-B too!!!

    Mas assim não vale.. Queremos fotos das compras!


    Absolutely Fabulous

  2. Ufa, ultrapassaste a Marc...procura fotos desses achados e faz uma votação..ou faz um post temático sobre cada um e quantas oportunidades terás para usar e tal e calhar a pores tudo por escrito, reflectes e vais a ver descobre que afinal precisas mesmo é de outra coisa qualquer :)

  3. Ora, na minha opinião humilde pa caraças, uma carteira é sempre um melhor investimento que sapatos (claro que nao falando em plasticos) porque os tacões ficam irremediavelmente danados com a calçada!
    Sinceramente, essa Balenciaga cheira-me melhor :)

  4. oh I totally know what you mean about buying 1 statement item instead of 20 other cheap stuff you don't need. I bought a suit and a Wii game console this year and that's pretty much it haha. it was still $$ -_-


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