Friday, 10 December 2010

Snowball, snowball... Where ART you?

I told you I was chasing the snow. One of this afternoons, I went to the highest point of Guimarães to watch the sunset. It was cold but very sunny. I walked for a little while without a coat and I felt fine, but... No sign of snow. 

It was totally worth anyway because the views of my hometown are beautiful. And can you see the mountains in my back? You can have a glance of a white over there. Nearest or farest I got to the snow!

I'm wearing: Massimo Dutti Kids knit* Massimo Dutti Kids Cotton scarf* Bershka denim Shorts* Pull & Bear Rain boots* H&M hat* Burberry tote bag* Von Zipper Sunglasses

1 comment:

  1. Olá Raquel!
    Gosto de te ver com esse chapéu branco.
    Estás num sítio muito bonito, no Pio IX,na Penha.
    Neve realmente não há e parece que não tão cedo..o tempo aqueceu.Mas eu queria muito ver da janela a neve a cair,quanto mais não seja para o Natal.


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