Sunday, 26 December 2010

To be or not to be... In black leather and golden details....

I hate sales! I mean... I love them... But I hate living in a small town/ country in sales time. I miss so much the time when I lived in England and I had amazing sales in brands that are not even in stores here. And if they are, the items I want  never go for sale: "Everything with 50% discount (unless bags, shoes and accessories)"! Gosh how I hate this. And even though I'm going to Madrid I think in 3 weeks everything is worth it will be sold out. So... All I have is online shopping...
Now the question is... Should I be hanging around, looking for bargains here and there or just finish the subject by buying this beauty now. Marc Jacobs, 40% discount. Your call!

Post Edited: I entered in my Net a Porter account, started looking for the bag and PANIC. It's not there anymore! Damn! I hope it's not sold out. Not now that I decided that I wanted to buy it. If anyones see it on sale in another website, please let me know. 

Post Edited II: Is sold out everywhere!! At least the ones on sale, because I won't give 500€ for her. #%=$ %*!!


  1. It's Absolutely Fabulous! :) :) :) Buy it!

    Eu estou doida para começar a corrida aos saldos... Hoje não tive paciência para ir ao ECI para a Black Friday (Domingo...) mas como vou para férias na Terça o mais certo é amanhã dar lá um saltinho... Já há saldos entre os 30% e os 50% por lá!



  2. Well, there is too sales online, so you can still get great bargains!!

    Join to the giveaway in my blog and win 100$ to spend in!!

  3. A alça na me convence muito mas os saldos devem servir para comprar melhor e não mais bugigangas! Vai t a ela (se a reencontrares!)


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