Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Why cry for a satchel when you can have a hobo?


No, Jo "The Carrot", I'm not over the Marc. I've just bought one.
My plan C (after going online and Spain) was to visit a store here in Guimarães that has Marc Jacobs, Gucci, Chloé, Balenciaga, YSL and what so ever and see if they had any bag I liked and if the discount was worth it. If in Spain the store was full, here it was almost empty and the sales just started today. It is true that in Portugal luxury products are always sold out, people care more about how they look and brands. Maybe they care more about what others think about their own image and how wealthy they are but, seriously... This post is not about that.
I arrived there and I tried to remain focused. I saw the YSL heels and I igored them, aswell as the Balenciaga flats and the Gucci sneakers.
The Sophie satchel from Marc by Marc that I wanted was sold out as in Spain, as in Net a Porter... I think the Alexa Mulberry is guilty in charge since this Marc one was a cheaper option to have a satchel bag. I saw this Marc by Marc hobo "Pretty Napa" in black leather and I liked. I didn't want to see any others. It was with 40% discount and the good thing about shopping in the street is that I don't have to pay for shipping (29€ on Net a Porter) and I already have the cutie here next to me as I write this post. So my sale treat is done. I'm the happy owner of a lady bag! Next to this one all the others look for children, it's so big I've no idea what I'm going to put inside. But I'll have fun finding out. Did yoy enjoy my purchase?

I'm wearing: Sfera wool tunic dress* Golden pashmina I bought in Jerusalem


  1. Ui!! A essa sim, eu chamo uma senhora mala! E vale o dinheiro (em comparação com a outra, pá que tem ali uma alça que parece que vais pó gym lol)
    Bela compra! E acredita que arranjas muita coisa pra enfiar lá dentro!

  2. É muito bonita!Excelente compra,sim senhor!


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