Monday, 29 November 2010

Beautiful jewels for a good cause!

Hi everyone. I'm writing this post in the break of Barcelona - Real Madrid match. As I told you before, I love football and I waited for this game the entire weekend. So far Barcelona (my number one city in the world after Porto) is winning, but I'll be fine either way because I'm happily among friends and Real Madrid has lots of portuguese players so let the best team win. 
About my post, something more girly but a good Christmas idea for the boys in the room too. I saw this collection in London and I loved. Is the Swarovsky edition for Breast Cancer. It's all in pink crystals and you have necklaces, pendants, etc. I chose this brooch to show you. I find it really beautiful and cost only 65$ and you are helping this unique cause. I think I might buy something of the collection to offer this year. It's impossible not to like it.... What do you think?

Friday, 26 November 2010

Birthday and Xmas wishlist!

That's true dear Santa Claus. I was such a good girl this year I deserve these four little items I'm going to ask you. If no one is going to put them under the tree at least give me the chance to offer them to myself. Special attention to Mr. Louis Vuitton presents office, once the bag I want, Vernis Wilshire, was already sold out in Portugal and London... Maybe like the babies, my presents come from Paris! About the Hermes Scarf you can choose the color, the print and the size if it's bigger than 70cmx70cm... Am I not a simple girl? The Marc Jacobs mice shoes... I'll prefer the black ones but if you prefer in grey or brown, it's perfect for me too Santa, just make sure it's a 37!
Don't forget my B-day on the next 22th, so once you are going to stop by at Hermés you can bring me a bracelet too!
I'll be waiting for you under the chimney, all dressed in red as usual, at midnight of the 24th. Can't wait to see you Santa Cutie!

Thursday, 25 November 2010

Opinions, opinions, opinions.... New header!

Hi everyone. I'm trying a new header a friend of mine made for me but I kind of miss the old one. What do you think? Should I keep the new pink one or be back to the rainbow of colors of the other? Here are images of the two. Comments please!

Post Edited: Because everything was so pink I changed the entire design of the blog... For better? Gosh, I hate changes!

The best fashion magazine just arrived to my hands!!!

Back in London I wanted to buy one million magazines that I buy in Portugal for twice the price. 
I don't like very much the portuguese Vogue, Elle or GQ but I think the english or even the spanish editions have much more quality. I like Enquirer a lot, I like two or three cinema mags and I like the portuguese Happy and the english Glamour because they keep things simple and have nice stories and shopping ideas. But no doubt that my favourite magazine ever is Harpers Bazaar! The UK edition because I don't like the US one that much. And even though I always get depressed reading Bazaar (too many pretty things I can't buy) I just love to do it because I learn a lot!  
I was going to shop all these in the airport but the store I went only had GQ and Glamour and I was in such a rush I couldn't buy Bazaar. But today my boyfriend, that is always so sweet and gallant, surprised me with the December edition of UK Bazaar in the back seat of his car. And he even told me that that I was cutier that Natalia Vodianova. Am I a lucky girl or what??? 
Here is the cover, I'll tell you everything I find interesting.

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

I'm only happy when it rains....

Welcome to my house in Guimarães. It's my pleasure to invite you in since it's not everyone that comes inside here. As you can see this is a country house, all in hood. Here we produce all kinds of vegetables and fruits and we create many animals. So everyone living here has to have rain boots to walk around the fields.

I'm only happy when it rains... If I'm wearing wellington boots. These you can see in the picture I bought in Bristol and they are just perfect to the rain and snow. Back then they had the same boots in yellow and red. I think I chose the right ones but they are so cute and confortable I think I should had bought the red ones too. The overknees socks trend that is all over the magazines this year is just perfect to wear with this kind of boots. It has my name all over it!

I'm wearing: Mango Knit* Zara Trousers* Primark socks* Noa Noa Wellington boots

I leave you now with the music that gave the title to this post. Have a nice rainy day girls!

Monday, 22 November 2010

Aviator look for my last day in London

I fell in love with this aviator jacket from Primark in the first glance. It is just what I was looking for, for 1/5 of the money I was willing to spend. During my last day in London I had to took care of some issues for my professional life in Sloane Square. I like this area of London a lot. It's really posh with nice restaurants and stores and at the same time really quiet. I could live in here!

Cartier, one of the loves of my life! I just can't wait to show you the Cartier ring I tried and I really want to. When I win the lottery of course....

I was wearing: Mango jeans* Gucci bag* Massimo Dutti knit* Zara Bonnet* Primark aviator jacket

Shopping marathon look

In my second day in London I spent some time in Oxford Street shopping and looking around the Christmas decorations. I was on my own but I had so much fun, it was really good to my soul. These pictures were taken during that hours.

This store inside Selfridges was really amazing. It had the most original toys I've seen, most of them to grown ups. Here you can see the headband I bought early that day in Primark. It was my debut at this shop. I must confess I was a bit affraid of the mess, but I really enjoyed some items they had and I bought more than this headband like you are going to see in my next posts.

At Disney's store! I just love Disney stories and characteres and I spent 30 minutes of quality time inside there. I looked happier than the kids, actually I was one of them =)

Here you can see my new animal print coat again. This was in New Bond Street and Louis Vuitton amazing store is in my back. This pic was taken for one of the nice girls that works at Dior, just in the front door of the store.

I was wearing:
Zara Kids coat* Zara Kids Dress* Zara Boots* Primark Headband* Tiffany Key necklace* Tiffany Heartlocker Neclace* Gucci Bag

River Island now available online on Asos!

Hello! Good Monday everyone. It's a cold rainy day and I'll be at home for the next 2 hours so you can wait a lot of new posts today :) Let's start with something new I just read in my email: River Island, one of the fast fashion shops I like the most is now available online in Asos. This is a great new since I don't have any River Island around and Asos is one of my favourites shops online once you only pay 6 pounds of shipping no matter what. You can find the collection available online here!

Let me show you one purchase I made on River Island a couple of years ago and I still adore and keep with all my love, this sweet mini dress:

This was the outfit for the first home party I went in Bristol.
River Island dress* Zara Swede Boots* Carolina Herrera Lipstick bag* Monsoon strass headband* Macy crystals heart necklace

Saturday, 20 November 2010

Night out in London

Hi everyone! To have dinner out in London I chose this silk dress I've shown you here before. It has a big clivage but I think it's really classy and I tried to keep the look simple. In this picture you can see what was inside the little Tiffany box: a black bone china key!

This photo was taken in my hotel, a cosy place at Hyde Park that I loved. Here you can see my complete outfit and details of my watch and clutch in the next pictures.

I was wearing: Mango silk dress* Zara Stilettos* Mulberry clutch* Chanel watch* Tiffany Necklace

Giveaway winner!

And the winner is: Ariadne! All the comments were so nice I decided to choose it randomly as you can see in the image. I entered the number of the 22 valid comments and the lucky number was 7. This was a funny coincidence since Ariadne is one of my first followers and she's the only one from my hometown but we never met. Congratulations!

Friday, 19 November 2010

A Teddy Bear lost at Tiffany's

Hi everyone! I'm just back from London! It was really cold and rainy but is was so refreshing to be back to the UK, I just loved. The streets were already dressed in Christmas, I'm already into the spirit, it was impossible not to! I have so many things to tell you... I want to show you my favourite shops in the UK, I want to tell you about my shops and show you my London looks. But let's start with this one for the first day (2ºC). What's better than a shopping marathon to warm me up?

I think I love jewelry even more than clothes so my first walk was in New Bond Street and this Tiffany's Xmas decoration just rocked my world, it was beautiful!!! This is the main Tiffany store in London, it has 3 floors and I found out the manager is portuguese. I kept his email and he promissed to bring me whatever I want in his monthly visits to Portugal once they don't sell online to my little country. It was a really nice chat, and I got a different idea from the inside of this jewelry icon store.

After being lost at Tifany's! My look: Earmuffs offered  by my boyfriend in Paris* Zara kids Coat* Yves Salomon rabbit fur scarf* Mango jeans* Zara Boots* Gucci bag

The small one was a gift for me and the bigger, a gift to my boyfriend. What do you think is it inside the blue boxes?

(Tomorrow I'll announce the giveaway winner! Stay tuned for the next posts about the Europe Apple!)

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Dior nailpolish and remembering Chanel giveaway (4 days to the end!)

Dior launched yesterday this limited edition of greys nailpolish only in Paris and London. I think I'm going to check it out tomorrow. Is available in New Bond Street, the street known by the designer's stores and the best jewelry stores in the world. It were amazing two hours walking there, get to knowing the stores great old buildings and some items collections I hadn't seen yet. And the Diamonds, oh my God, the Diamonds...  With capital "D". 
As soon as I arrive home, I'll make one million post.s with pics of what I saw and daily looks also! By now and talking about nailpolish don't forget the Chanel nailpolish giveaway. It finishes in 4 days. Good luck and all my best from London! xxx

(Info and image credits from Vogue Portugal)

Sunday, 14 November 2010

22 players, one stadium and my outfit!

I like football. Actually I love football! I'm a Benfica fan, I like Arsenal a lot and i have a deep crush on my hometown team: Guimarães. This was the second game I went this week, we won both! I always go to stadiums really confortable and cosy, but sports doens't mean sloppy so I like to take care of my image even in these days. This was my look for today's game and anticipation party with friends.

Zara kids bonnet* Carolina Herrera Coat* Massimo Dutti knit* Tous Necklace* Springlfield hearts necklace* Zara "horse riding" pants* Zara overknees boots* Vintage leather & tacks bag

Friday, 12 November 2010

A present to the blog....

This jewelry store is the one that provided most of the jewels of my family in the last 30 years. The Chanel watch I have for example, my mother bought there in 1986. When they heard about the blog they decided to give me a present: this beautiful fake pearl bracelet with a silver pendant with an angel. It was the cherry in top of the cake to end this great week! If you want to order any customized jewel like my initial pendant contact them through the email:
If you live in Guimarães or around a visit is also worth it once they make great discounts. Mention this blog and you might have a surprise ;)

A tiny diamond here, a tiny diamond there and the "R" pendant is done!

Remember when I bought my earings? Back then I ask the jewlery store to make me a customized pendant in gold and diamonds with my initial. The jewel arrived today with a beautiful gold necklace and I couldn't be happier when I saw it. It was exactly what I wanted =)

Thursday, 11 November 2010

My first steps in fashion blogs...

This is an interview made for a beautiful brazilian blogger Paula Pfeifer for her fashion blog: Sweetest Person. Back Then, I just had my other blog and was not even thinking about working in fashion so it was an honor to be considered a fashionista by Paula. Because the interview is in portuguese, I'm going to tell a bit more to my portuguese readers in my mother tongue.

Eu comecei como leitora do blog da Paulinha, que dá sempre umas dicas óptimas e tem uma opinião muito bem estruturada sobre tudo, em 2008 quando ainda era estudante de cinema em Bristol. Tornámo-nos amigas no Facebook, ela achou graça ao meu estilo e combinámos fazer este post. Eu seleccionei alguns looks e desses ela escolheu os favoritos para mostrar às leitoras. Houve ainda uma grande polémica nos comentários porque algumas meninas brasileiras não interpretaram bem o facto de eu dizer que não tinha orçamento para grandes aventuras mas depois mencionava marcas em alguns looks. Julgo que se tratou essencialmente de uma questão cultural pois todas nós sabemos o orçamento milionário que é necessário para nos vestirmos só com peças de editorial da cabeça aos pés. E quem não quer uma Birkin? Eu queria uma em cada cor mas só a comprarei quando 6 mil euros (!!!!) por uma carteira não faça mossa na minha conta bancária. Bem o essencial que aqui fica e que queria partilhar com vocês é que esta foi talvez a génese da minha ideia em criar um blog de moda o que viria a acontecer pouco mais de um ano depois. Leiam o post e visitem o blog da Paulinha que vão adorar de certeza! Beijos


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Facebook will be the next step, but I'm trying to avoid that. For now I'm just having Bloglovin for the ones who don't use or prefer to read the news in this website. Thanks Guys!

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Shopping at Marc Jacobs

When in Lisbon I went to the only Marc Jacobs store in the country. I got a bit disappointed because I didn't see most of the things I already knew from my job and from the internet. I didn't find the laptop case I wanted or the mice shoes. I think I really need to go online. Although the store was really small and had such a poor collection (some bags were even from SS 2010 collection) I found a bracelet and pen I liked. My inner shopahaolic was sad but my credit card appreciated the gesture.

 I loved this bracelet! It's transparent in the outside, silver in the inside and it works as a mirror of everything around creating an amazing color effect. It has small characteres encripted saying Marc by Marc Jacobs but they are really discrete, just the way I like.


This pen lipstick shape it's so cheesy I found it really adorable... I just couldn't help myself from buying it. It's small and pratical so I can use it in my purse all the time, even in small ones and it's really feminin. I think my 2 year old niece is going to try to steal it from me. Who can blame her??

Stripes in Lisbon

Stripes make people look fat... But only in pictures because I felt wonderful in this stripped dress in front of a mirror. Maybe because of the mobile photo quality it seems like I have 70 kilos instead of 50 but I always loved and always will love stripes. I already wear this pattern a lot last year and I'll continue to do it until I get tired (Is it possible?) I spent the last 3 days in Lisbon, this was my look for yesterday for a meeting, a smal walk by the city and later dinner with friends.

Zara dress* Zara Overknees boots* Alexander McQueen Silk Scarf

Sunday, 7 November 2010

Bright Saturday!

It's been a hot November in Portugal and yesterday was no exception. Although I was wearing opaque tights and boots I could wear shorts and a top during the day with just a thin cotton cardigan to warm me up. Those were my week purchases, do you like the colors? I felt really good with them!
Mango Cardigan* Mango Tank* Mango shorts* Tiffany's neclace* Pale pink nailpolish
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