Monday, 31 January 2011

Spreading the news...

(Image credits: i-D Magazine)

There's a big company in the north of Portugal that is starting a new project. This company, that has Zara among many others as a client, is developing a new way of thinking fashion. Starting tomorrow I'm the stylist of this company and this project and I couldn't be happier about it...

This job is much more than styling, is someting that I always wanted to do, something that I truly believe. I don't want to talk much longer for now but I'll be proud to tell you the victories I'm expecting for the next months. I'm glad to reveal the result of all the rush of last week and although I know I'm going to have a lot less time to the blog (I'm keeping my connection to the e-commerce I was doing and I'll be working like crazy) I also know that the  knowledge I'm going to gain from this new job is priceless and is going to make me a much better blogger. As my mother told me today before the meeting: "think you deserve and you will get it"!

Fingers crossed for me...

Angelina Jolie in The Tourist: Make up tutorial

 Cinema is the passion of my life and gives me something that not even a good book or a fashion show is able to... I studied Cinema, big movies from big directors and screenwriters but I always defended we should never forget the entertainment factor, the blockbusters, the popcorn culture. Going to watch a movie and going to the movies is a different thing and because I enjoy both one of this days I went to the movies and I saw The Tourist. I already talked about the movie here and there... The movie is very poor and attracted me mainly because of Angelina Jolies outfits. She looks gorgeous, mainly in the first scene. The outfit is just perfect even if I think she is too skinny, even if I think she wears an excessive amount of make up... In that first scene in Paris she looks like a goddess. And thats why I leave you here with this make up tutorial where you can learn how to get that look. There's only one Angelina Jolie in the world but that's nothing wrong in be inspired by the best. And that's why I'll never stop seeing popcorn movies like this one, because we learn always something, in this case, a lesson of class and beauty...

Sunday, 30 January 2011

THE Balmain blazer!

I'm going to be honest... It looks a lot better on pictures... This Balmain blazer that everyone talked about this season costs something like 4000€ and I can say that I'll only buy it in very special conditions. The blazer is too heavy, not very confortable to wear and it doesn't fit your body as good at it seems at a first glance. But yes, the fashion magazines and blogs are right to talk about it all over. It's an unique gorgeous piece and I just couldn't resist trying it and why not, taking some pictures. I'm wearing just some simple jeans, a white tank and a Tiffany necklace but I do think this is the perfect way to style this blazer once less is more and this coat is more, moRE and MORE in every possible way...

(Click in the image to see all photos)

For this party I gave my dresses a day off...

For the first time in a long while I have tons of pictures of an outfit. This was a long happy saturday with two birthday parties. Because I wear dresses all the time I decided for the skinny jeans I received as a present the day before. I matched it with a top I just loved from Mango new collection, nude pumps and my all time favourite blazer. I kept it simple but I think it worked really well. I felt elegant and pretty and at the same time ready to the house party that lasted till morning.

I'm wearing: Mango jeans and top* Zara pumps* Gucci Blazer* Onix and silver ring from my Mom's ring collection

Friday, 28 January 2011


I've been busy... Here, there and everywhere... Sleeping a lot less than I need, thinking a lot more than it was supposed... Hopefully soon I'll have good news to share. I spent the last 2 days in Lisbon and these were two of the outfits I chose for a business meeting and dinner with friends.

Mango jeans and top* Zara boots* Alexander McQueen scarf* Uterque Aces necklace

*Asos chiffon dress*

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

20.000 visits is a great excuse to talk a bit more about this blog...

(What better look to show you in this post than my pajamas??)

I've just turned 27 and I have no idea where I'm going or what I'm going to be doing in a month. My life has been a roller coaster. I lived in 5 different cities, I studied in many different schools and different subjects. I wanted to write so I took a degree in Media Studies and I started working as a journalist really young. Later the passion of cinema talked louder and I went to Englad to take a Master of Arts in Cinema Studies. I feed myself of literature and cinema but at some point in my life I realized I couldn't live without working in fashion. I was so passionate for fashion, I started to make my own designs when I was about 10. Too bad I can't draw, but the ideas and the taste were always there. I grew up with my mother dressing me up as a barbie girl. Once I asked her why I couldn't wear jeans as other girls in school and she answered me: "you're a princess you should be dressed like one". Even today I barely use trousers...

I made my studies and I started looking for a job in fashion. I started the blog to use it as a portfolio and I had some job proposals really fast. Nowadays I can't imagine myself working in something else that doesn't involve image and styling. And that are more jobs than at first glance you can imagine that need these two areas to be developed...
Today I only post here designer's collections or some new pieces if I really enjoy them. I don't pretend to have a blog where you can learn everything about fashion. That are many great blogs where you can read about that. This is not an informative blog, it's a personal one. Through the clothes I wear, the purchases I make, my wishlists or the items I show you I'm in love to, I'm writing a little diary about myself. I try not to get too deep but sometimes is just impossible not to. This is my blog, I'm a writter and every writter writes about himself. I do want to have different features here and I want for example to show you some interviews or some reports. No random people or subjects. Not just because they are famous or everyone talks about it. If it's here it is because it's part of my fashion view. About the contests. I love to make them for you. When I talk with a possible sponsor I always ask for things to giveaway rather than things to me. It's really exciting!

I love to share the love and that's something that I never imagined to gain from this blog. Love. When it was my birthday I had many happy wishes, when I was sick people were concerned... Sometimes I'm feeling a bit blue and I write about it, it's not about fashion but I receive so many kind comments... There are blogs I visit everyday, people that visit me back. I love to answer to the comments and I just wish I had more time to do it. But please girls don't come and tell me: follow my blog and I'll follow you back... I'm proud to say that I have more blogs in my reading list than followers. We should find our real readers, the ones that are going to have an active role in your blog. You can invite me to visit your blog and if I like I'm going to follow for sure... If I wanted to have 1000 followers instead of 100? Sure. But I prefer 100 that really care about what I write here. Because this blog is ours. It's mine because I'm addicted to it, I love writing, I love to read your comments and I love to share my little things, sometimes I just can't wait to hear your opinion. And that's why this blog is yours too. Because without you it was nonsense to do it all and you are far too important for me to want this blog to get better everyday.



Monday, 24 January 2011

Look what the postman brought me today!

Although I hate DHL for making me pay a fortune to have my Moncler parka in my hands, my todays best friends were 3 different delivery services. They brought me 2 dresses I was waiting for a long time and I'll show you later and a box from Asos with these 3 items I loved. It was a gift! Pink, golden and lots of hearts. A set of three rings, a golden chain with a heart and a bow pendant and pink leather studded gloves. They are all perfect... My own heart is delighted! Thanks Hon...

Sunday, 23 January 2011

Celebrating 100 followers with a ShopAlike giveaway!

ShopAlike is sponsoring the 100th follower celebration of this blog. This e-commerce is already famous for the suggestive prices on brands like Guccci, Dsquared, Prada, Moschino, Dolce & Gabbana, Ferre among many others. I suggest you check their collection online, (some great items from famous brands are now on sale). Check for intance the Gucci collection as an example of that.

Because Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini wants you to be fashionable in  one of the Spring/ Summer 2011  must haves, we are giving this Kookai leather double buckle belt. The belt is very long, you can wear it in two rounds in your waist or hips in the top of a dress, a shirt, a pair of jeans or pretty much everything that your imagination allows since the color is perfect.

All you have to do to participate is:

- Follow ShopAlike in Facebook or Twitter

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- Follow Teenie Weenie via Google Friend Connect.

- Write a comment to this post with your email and the name you use in the social networks you've choosen to follow by.

The giveaway is running until 6 of February (23:00) and the winner will be choosen randomly among the valid entries. Good luck to you all!!!

Thursday, 20 January 2011

To Jamaica with love...

This photo was taken 2 years ago, when after a 7 years break we returned to the beach of our lives. I think this is the best picture we have. My father looks always so serious in the pictures, maybe he doesn't feel confortable in front of a camera. Or he just doesn't know how to act in a picture next to me or my sisters. In this one he was smiling to the camera in my step moms hand and my little sister took the picture with another camera. They are in Jamaica since Jan 11 and they are going to be until the 25th. This is the 9th night I'm going to sleep alone in our house and I miss them. My dad is a pain in the ass most of the time, but I really miss him. I miss our non sense converstaions, I miss the way he thinks he's always right, I miss him asking me to shut up because I never stop talking during meals, I miss discussing the 8 pm news with him. I miss our house in Algarve, that beach, that smiles and that afternoon.


My todays look is a mix of riding pants and boots, country shirt and necklace and a touch of city glamour thanks to the the make up and clutch.
My something new is the cat necklace that I bought yesterday with 80% discount. I'm obsessed with cats and felines in general so I just couldn't believe when I found this necklace for such short price. Follow my advice and go to a Springfield store, you'll love the accessories. Blanco is also with 70% discount in the entire winter collection. I bought a pair of flats shoes for less than 5€!! If the sun won't leave my city, I'll show you them tomorrow. It's also worth to check the furs in the store, faux and real. You can buy a great jacket for a really nice price.

I'm wearing: Zara: Pants* Turtleneck* Shirt* Suede Boots (A/W 08)* Springfield Necklace* Mulberry Suede Maxi Clutch

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

I'm crazy about this dress...

Stolen Girlfriends Club dress with spiked pleather sleeves - 250€

50% discount at
How gorgeous it was going to look on me? High heels to a night out in the winter, cute golden sandals or flip flops to a sunset in the beach bar in the spring...
(A loud sigh!)
I do need to stop having internet access!

Tuesday, 18 January 2011


Thank YOU all!

Each one of these necklace have its own history and together they tell some stories of my life. Today they represent the moment my Teenie Weenie baby blog achieved the 100th follower! Sunday at midnight the celebration will begin with a gorgeous present for you. Be aware because I know you're going to love.

One Hundred Kisses!

Magic combination: Vintage + Chanel

For many of you that love vintage like me, the brand Chanel added to the subject turns everything a little more interisting. An american e-tailer called Billion Dollar Babes has Chanel Jewelry on sale in the next 29 hours. Many things are already sold out but I thought was still worth to share once we are talking about pearls, gold and other nobel materials for Chanel starting on 200€. Have a look, the jewels I show you are from the last 30 years collections and some, like the pendat charm bracelet, cost 1000€ but come on... Believe me, that entered in every single vintage shop in Paris: these are cheap prices to Chanel! Here are some of my favourites!

If I had some extra credit, the signature Chanel chain bracelet in gold and turquoise will be mine... Because I don't I hope you do, but above all I hope you like this post: sometimes more than buying is great to our souls just look at pretty things made in early 80's... I heart Vintage!!!

Monday, 17 January 2011

Test one in my studio: Copy That? Code Name: Grey rainbow

For the next weeks I'll be working in a new e-commerce. I'm creating and developing the concept and the website so now you understand why I've been so tired in the last days. Lots of work needs to be done and now i'm in the hardest part: the pictures to the website. After two weeks working on it, my mini photography studio is finally set up. Here are some photos of myself and my outfit today. What do you think of the photos quality? Remember I'm still testing lights and white balances, and this was my very first test =)

I'm wearing two dresses, a Massimo Dutti cotton grey one and a whool Sfera black one, with grey tights, black overknees boots and a handmade necklace with 5 different material in its composition. Statement nacklaces that this one are great to wear with a plain one color jersey in the background.
About the make up, I'm using just a Bourjois bronzing powder (77 Soleil Ambré), a Clinique grey cream shaper for eyes (106 Starry Plum) and a Clinique lip gloss (11 Clearly Pink).
I hope you liked and I'm really happy I shared a little more with you about my work nowadays.

Golden Globes: my favourites!

Like last year I must disagree with most of the opinions I read in the web. The green Versace Jolie wore didn't convince me (I think she looks good but I expected way more after all those amazing gowns she wore in last year premieres), so as Natalie Portman Viktor and Rolf pink and red gown aswell as January Jones in Versace too. I'm sure you are going to see that dresses everywhere so le me show you the ones I truly loved.

Anne Hathaway in Armani Privé and the one the entire world is talking today: Olivia Wilde in Marchesa! 

I had to mention these two beautiful romantic dresses: Scarlett Johansson in my favourite designer,  Elie Saab and Sandra Bullock, gorgeous with a new hairlook and this fabulous Jenny Packham dress.

Watching the entire red carpet looks parade we can already guess what's the trends for next season: Greens, pale pinks, reds and full blacks. Bows, flowers patterns and details and long sleeves are must haves. Aswell as the minimalism that I may like to other occasions but never to a night like this one.

Example: Emma Stone and Claire Danes in Calvin Klein and Michelle Pfeiffeir in Roland Mouret.

Image Credits: People Magazine
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