Monday, 10 January 2011

10 party dresses from designer brands for less than 200€ on Net-a-Porter

If my car consumed water instead of diesel I swear I would buy each one of them since the discounts are great. This way, I might catch one and dream with the others. But let me show you all once I always like to share good bargains with you!
Silk-charmeuse block color dress
Was €270 Now €81

Asymmetric jersey dress
Was €128 Now €89.60

Grande beaded silk dress
Was €376.74 Now €113.02

Mini Alba hammered-silk dress
Was €320 Now €128
Chiffon and lace mini dress
Was €535 Now €160.50

Silk-satin polka-dot dress
Was €445 Now €133.50

Asymmetric draped lamé dress
Was €358.22 Now €179.11

Hybrid jersey dress
Was €290.28 Now €145.14

Valleta satin-crepe asymmetric dress
Was €390 Now €195

Puff hem dress
Was €650 Now €195

Any favourite?
If you are interested I advice you to buy right away. Items on sale on Net-a-Porter vanish really fast.


  1. Loved your blog! It's pretty cool! I'm follow. : D

  2. Não podendo comprar nenhum devido à contenção da coisa...decididamente, mandava vir o Diane von [inserir nome estranho e impronunciavel] ou o Moschino.
    Não, o Diane!


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