Tuesday, 25 January 2011

20.000 visits is a great excuse to talk a bit more about this blog...

(What better look to show you in this post than my pajamas??)

I've just turned 27 and I have no idea where I'm going or what I'm going to be doing in a month. My life has been a roller coaster. I lived in 5 different cities, I studied in many different schools and different subjects. I wanted to write so I took a degree in Media Studies and I started working as a journalist really young. Later the passion of cinema talked louder and I went to Englad to take a Master of Arts in Cinema Studies. I feed myself of literature and cinema but at some point in my life I realized I couldn't live without working in fashion. I was so passionate for fashion, I started to make my own designs when I was about 10. Too bad I can't draw, but the ideas and the taste were always there. I grew up with my mother dressing me up as a barbie girl. Once I asked her why I couldn't wear jeans as other girls in school and she answered me: "you're a princess you should be dressed like one". Even today I barely use trousers...

I made my studies and I started looking for a job in fashion. I started the blog to use it as a portfolio and I had some job proposals really fast. Nowadays I can't imagine myself working in something else that doesn't involve image and styling. And that are more jobs than at first glance you can imagine that need these two areas to be developed...
Today I only post here designer's collections or some new pieces if I really enjoy them. I don't pretend to have a blog where you can learn everything about fashion. That are many great blogs where you can read about that. This is not an informative blog, it's a personal one. Through the clothes I wear, the purchases I make, my wishlists or the items I show you I'm in love to, I'm writing a little diary about myself. I try not to get too deep but sometimes is just impossible not to. This is my blog, I'm a writter and every writter writes about himself. I do want to have different features here and I want for example to show you some interviews or some reports. No random people or subjects. Not just because they are famous or everyone talks about it. If it's here it is because it's part of my fashion view. About the contests. I love to make them for you. When I talk with a possible sponsor I always ask for things to giveaway rather than things to me. It's really exciting!

I love to share the love and that's something that I never imagined to gain from this blog. Love. When it was my birthday I had many happy wishes, when I was sick people were concerned... Sometimes I'm feeling a bit blue and I write about it, it's not about fashion but I receive so many kind comments... There are blogs I visit everyday, people that visit me back. I love to answer to the comments and I just wish I had more time to do it. But please girls don't come and tell me: follow my blog and I'll follow you back... I'm proud to say that I have more blogs in my reading list than followers. We should find our real readers, the ones that are going to have an active role in your blog. You can invite me to visit your blog and if I like I'm going to follow for sure... If I wanted to have 1000 followers instead of 100? Sure. But I prefer 100 that really care about what I write here. Because this blog is ours. It's mine because I'm addicted to it, I love writing, I love to read your comments and I love to share my little things, sometimes I just can't wait to hear your opinion. And that's why this blog is yours too. Because without you it was nonsense to do it all and you are far too important for me to want this blog to get better everyday.




  1. devo dizer que este é dos meus post favoritos teus.

    conta a tua historia que eu acho linda linda! tens razão ,quando fazemos algo por amor,e ter um blog por amor é algo tão gratificante tambem...naturalmente as pessoas irão surgir para partilharem dessa paixão.

    tb criei o meu assim mais para partilhar do que para ter followers,ou receber comments de follow me,follow you back...;)

    fico mt contente de realizares esse teu sonho de trabalhares na tua vocação...nesta vida estamos aqui realmente para ser felizes ne?

    bj grande


  2. Hi Raquel!

    I loved reading your post, it's always nice to know more about fellow bloggers. I do agree with you, what's really important for a blogger is quality and not quantity, because we could have thousands of followers but if none of them left a comment it would be useless.

    Also, I wanted to tell you that the one-piece bikini got in my mailbox today!!! It's beautiful and it fits perfectly, so I can't wait for the weather to get better so I can wear it! Thank you so much once again!



  3. Tens toda a razão.
    Boa sorte em tudo e muitas felicidades!

  4. Sabes que partilho da tua opinião, e um blog é um ponto de partilha e não apenas de troca...ou melhor, troca de interesses.
    Tu dás nos qualidade de posts e autenticidade e nós damos te qualidade de comentários (ou deveríamos...) ao mostrar uma opinião e não apenas a concordância com a beleza daquilo que gostas ou tens.
    Cada qual com o seu cantinho, mais ou menos pessoal, mais ou menos publicitário, mais ou menos verídico. Fica quem gosta, parte para o seguinte quem não se interessou. Não nos interessamos por todas as pessoas que passam na nossa vida também...

    (com licença, vou fazer copy-paste deste comentário que já tem caracteres suficientes para parecer um post :P)

  5. amei este post!
    E só digo THank YOU pelo teu blog!!

  6. Adorei este texto, muito bom mesmo!!!
    O meu blog foi criado como uma espécie de escape, a área em que trabalho é o oposto desta e por isso senti a necessidade de encontrar o equilíbrio e isso deu-se através do meu blog.

    Beijinhos e venham mais posts

  7. thanks for sharing this post!it is true!i know that as well!!

  8. E falas-te muito bem :)

    At first..congrats on 20.000 visits :D

    I started to follow your blog not to long ago, and loved it right away. I can tell you that I also love fashion just like you, and love to be able to work in fashion, but I don't know if that is going to happen to me..

    Hope you continue with your blog, because its just simple and true, thats how I feel about it:)


  9. Love the dress.


  10. So, you are wonderful!! xx


  11. wow congrats hun! and yea i hate the "follow me and i'll follow you back", you should follow someone if you like their blog, not because you want more followers. what's the point of having hundreds of followers if none of them read your blog & only there cuz they want you to follow them?

  12. I never thought this post was going to have such a positive reception. It was the most honest post I wrote here and I'm really happy for the comments you left. This is a proof that there is a lot more than dresses and heels in the fashion world. Thank you all!

  13. thanks for sharing this post!it is true!i know that as well!!


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