Monday, 10 January 2011

And the first place for sympathy goes to...

(No I'm not talking about the contest. I'm talking about my day. And it's a draw.)

This blog gives two sympathy laurels to:

1-) The Christian Dior store in New Bond Street - London.
When I was there I was looking for this nailpolish special edition "Gris City" mini package, lauched only in this store, Paris and New York, the cities that inspired them. They just called me to say the nailpolish had just arrived the store and if I wanted to make a reservation.  How nice of them!! London girls: go and get them!! I'm going to ask a friend to get my package too!

- The Zara online delivery team.
They are really kind. First I must confess: yes, I failed on my no sales shopping goal and I bought online these boots above. I hope it fits, because I never know what's my number when we're talking about Zara shoes. They are just about to arrive my house, and this time, like my other Zara Online experience, Seur called me to ask me if I prefer that they deliver the package somewhere else. This time it goes to the expected adress, but last time they waited for me 15 minutes in the entrance of the highway so I could take my new stuff on vacations. And the box is really nice, everything well packed and straight, nothing like Asos packages that the clothes arrive totally rumpled. I ordered Thursday night, I payed normal delivey (3,95€) and they are already here..
Clap Clap to both companies, this is what I call a good costumer service and that's why I will never stop buying their products (Zara maybe more than Dior, let's be honest)!


  1. Loved the colors of the nailpolish ♥ I'd Love to have them ♥



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