Sunday, 2 January 2011

Ballerina for 2011!

Ballerina was the reference name of my dress and I really felt like one. This dress is perfect in many ways.. Is perfect for a party in the winter like this one once me, my family and my boyfriend spent the NYE in Monsanto, deep Portugal. I'll show you some photos of these days in the next post!
The dress is in cotton, an unxpected fabric but it feels great in the skin. It's really heavy but feminin and has that lovely silk bow that makes the dress just fit perfectly the body. It's very simple but at the same time very classy. Just take a look at the lace in the borders of dress... Everyone in my party loved it. I hope you like it too! As accessories and because I love jewels I used diamond earings, gold necklace with the diamond "R" pendant and a pearl and diamond brooch. I wear my hair up in pony tail in the spirit of the ballerina and smokey eyes. Here are the photos... The house was a mess so this was the best I could do in that rush.

My sister-in-law Filipa is wearing a Celine body top

Diane von Furstenberg dress* Zara peep toes* Massimo Dutti dotted tights

Don't forget to participate in the "Best NYE look" contest I'm hosting in the blog. A remarkable jury will choose the winner of really good prize. More here!


  1. Acho que já ganhaste o prémio com este look! Estavas linda! :)

  2. Adoro o vestido! Muito giro mesmo.

  3. O vestido era realmente muito bonito^:^) Estavas linda^!!!!

  4. I love that dress it is so simple yet so stylish and you look fabulous in it!! i am following your blog now so maybe you can check mine out and follow too if you like!!
    xoxo larissa

  5. Thank you all! I can´t participate in the contest I'm hosting but you can!!! Tomorrow I'll post the prize(s) and I'll present the jury. You have the next two weeks to send me your looks to my email:

  6. Darling dress!!! Such a cute blog too :) The title is probably my favorite blog title I have seem. I am now following your blog. I really like reading your posts. They are very informative and well written :)

    Check out my blog if you would like to!


  7. Super gira Raquel! Este post tinha-me escapado completamente ;(

    Muito gira mesmo! Ja fiz um like no facebook ;)

  8. I hadn't seen the DVF dress !!!! Nice, Love it .. Now we have to get Kaki to star in a photoshot... what do u think?


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