Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Clean for one week!

That's right. It's been a week since I did my last purchase, the Marc by Marc Bag. And because I promised I was going to moderate my shopping addiction, I'm pretty happy with my 'no spending money' week in sales time. In the meanwhile I have a new dress from Asos arrivng next week but it doesn't count because my brother bought it for me. Let's say he owed me a dress and I chose this one.

I hope this one it's a Yay since the red one was kind of a Nay. It's very large and translucent. It looks a bit odd on me, especially combined with my pale skin. I think it's a summer dress and when I'll be tanned I'm going to enjoy more to see it in my body. This one had in the description that was available for maternity too. I hope that's not a signal that the same is going to happen...

I'm also waiting for a pair of sunnies I saw in November in Gucci store in Saint Honoré street - Paris. I've been looking for a while for a big "Jackie O" sunglasses and these are perfect. I ordered them in Portugal and they should arrive soon, I hope. And I am still waiting for my Moncler parka so you can se my despair. No buying but waiting for one million things that seem never to come. While I wait I'll try to remain far from the stores and resist to see the sales online. I read and hear everyone about this and that bought for an amazing price. It's cruel!!

Do you think I'm going to survive to sale season or just dress up a t'shirt saying "I Love Shopping" (I do have one) and start using the card?


  1. I love it! So beautiful!



  2. E que tal uma poupança reforma?!
    Ou poupança apenas que ainda és piquena?!
    Ou que sa lixe e poupa para comprar o raio dos YSL de vez!
    Não que esteja a torcer para que cumpras o mês de abstinência. ou se calhar estou!

  3. We love asos... always updating their stock and style!

    Much love, the .sabo skirt. girls!
    ps our online SHOP launches 1st March!


  4. It´s really pretty!!

    Kissess :)

  5. (só aqui vim confirmar a nossa conversa do outro dia)
    nã desanimes!não é só contigo!
    :) muah*

  6. LOVE IT !! shop addicted - thats my middle name

  7. ahh é lindo! foi uma optima escolha.

    euu adoro esse azuis...fazem me lembrar países orientais,com as pedrarias...é exotico e elegante.




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