Sunday, 16 January 2011

Just a ring collection... And other personal considerations about jewelry!

I'm very simple when we're talking about accesories. I believe less is more and although I like to see others in a different style, this is mine. I don't like bijoux in general, I have some pieces I found in travels but most of my jewelry collection is in nobel metals. I prefer to have less things but invest in the quality of the materials. Of course like everyone, sometimes I just fall in love for something and I don't care if its going to be oxidated in 3 months, mainly necklaces!
About rings:  I'm not a ring person at all. I barely use them and it's very rare to use more than one, so I think I have 6 or 7 rings at most in my jewelry box. But I do know someone who is and today I photographed a good part of her silver and semi-precious stones ring collection to show you. That person is my mother and I hope you like her rings she bought in the last 30 years in stores, markets, antique fairs and travels.

As I started saying, I'm not a ring person but after trying these, I might borrow some to use sometimes. My favourite are the old silver rings and the turquoise, amber and onix stone ones. I also like the one with a lot of red stones in the first photo.

Just to finish the post: did you notice my nails? Yesterday I went to the hairdresser to wash my hair and soul and they had this promotion: Ice Gel for just 5€. I tried and loved it. If it last 3 weeks like they said is just perfect!


  1. Wow, I'm jealous! You've got so many beautiful rings!!!


  2. que bela colecção :P espero daqui a 30 anos ter algo parecido :)

  3. OMG!! I love it!! So jealous of yours mother´s colection!It´s great!!!

  4. Lindos!Eu gosto muito de aneis.
    As unhas estão muito giras.
    Espero que agora já estejas melhor!
    Bjs,boa semana.

  5. U-A-U! adoro,adoro, a tua mãe tem uma colecção...usava todos mas o que me chamou mais a atenção foi o dacruz com várias pedras da segunda foto, e os turquesa...que máximo! aproveita raquel! a minha mãe não tem nenhum espólio destes para ir cuscar...
    As unhas estão muito giras, também fiz gellinium no ano passado e era impecável, sempre com as unhas perfeitas!
    (tás melhor?)*

  6. What a collection of rings. I too don't have many rings, I think I may be too picky. But there are some great rings in this collection, love the turquoise.

  7. Que colecção que a tua mummy tem. 5 euros pelo verniz de gel? Tens de me dizer onde porque eu pago 19.90€ pelo meu.

  8. OMG!!!! grande Mammy :D
    Delicia de colecção!!!


  9. Mas que grande colecção ;) Tens aí alguns bem giros.

  10. bem...parou tudo!!!! que colecção maravilhosa...really...sou sincera.a tua mae pode muito bem concorrer com a fashion toast. ou a salada....serio!

    dá um bjinho a tua mae por mim,e diz-lhe que tem muito bom.-gosto.

    nao consigo parar de babar pelas fotos agora.

  11. Lindooos, fantásticos, maravilhosos...
    De R para R: APROVEITA e dá uma voltinha com eles ;)


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