Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Magic combination: Vintage + Chanel

For many of you that love vintage like me, the brand Chanel added to the subject turns everything a little more interisting. An american e-tailer called Billion Dollar Babes has Chanel Jewelry on sale in the next 29 hours. Many things are already sold out but I thought was still worth to share once we are talking about pearls, gold and other nobel materials for Chanel starting on 200€. Have a look, the jewels I show you are from the last 30 years collections and some, like the pendat charm bracelet, cost 1000€ but come on... Believe me, that entered in every single vintage shop in Paris: these are cheap prices to Chanel! Here are some of my favourites!

If I had some extra credit, the signature Chanel chain bracelet in gold and turquoise will be mine... Because I don't I hope you do, but above all I hope you like this post: sometimes more than buying is great to our souls just look at pretty things made in early 80's... I heart Vintage!!!


  1. the charm bracelet is beautiful...and love the earrings too

  2. tens razão...mesmo assim faz sempre bem à Alma ver peças lindas assim...tb adoro vintage por isso...adorei o post.

  3. A minha preferida é a mesma que a tua (tenho uma parecida mas é acessorize dos saldos :P)
    o vintage, apesar de muitos acharem que é simplesmente o mesmo que "velho" ou "segunda mão" para mim quer dizer "com história" e quando uso algo vintage fico sempre com curiosidade para saber o que foi de quem o usou :)

  4. Amei os ultimos brincos e a pulseira turquesa tb!!!
    Wish i had them all ;)

  5. Eu adoro os primeiros! São lindos :)

  6. Gosto de tudo, mas especialmente dos segundos brincos, com o logo da Chanel em dourado. Já consigo visualizar uma série de conjuntos em que ficariam fabulosos! A girl can dream.


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