Thursday, 13 January 2011

So let me be the Devil's Advocate: Vogue 100

So Portuguese Vogue is celebrating their 100th issue and offered the chance to the readers to have a Estee Lauder Lipstick, Lip Gloss or Eye Shadow in different colors for an extra euro. You can read in many portuguese blogs bad reviews to the magazine because it was delivered in Lisbon and Porto first than other places and because people can only find one type of make up in the area they live. So as many of you already know, my degree is in journalism and I learned that we should always hear the two sides so I couldn't help doing that. I just spoke with Vogue's marketing manager: Claudia Simão.

First of all she explained me that the distribution occurred like every month. It's impossible for them to have the magazine in every store of the country in the same day (mainly when is a heavier edition like this one) so the process happens in 2 or 3 days, starting from Lisbon and Porto. About the Estee Lauder products, Claudia told me that they had the same number of Lip Glosses and Lipsticks and a small number of Eye Shadows. Because the glosses and the lipsticks are having a bigger demand, it's normal that people find more eyeshadows.
Many bloggers said that certain produts never arrived their areas of living. I can confirm that by saying that my magazine seller in Guimarães told me that she only received eyeshadows. Claudia said the distribution was made in equal ways and maybe the time delay between areas caused this. We should also not forget that many people sign the magazine and others ask they usual seller do save for them this or that.

I'm not here to defend anyone, I just wanted to told you what Vogue Portugal has to say about this, since I read a lot from the bloggers side and nothing from Vogues. Let's celebrate that Vogue Portugal reached the 100th edition and let's be honest: Ok, I'd love to have the lipstick in the image. But I'm pretty happy with my eyeshadow, and many girls wanted to the opposite. Estee Lauder make-up products for only 1€ it's pretty great so let's not see everything in black and white shadows. Why don't make some giveaways of the products you don't want or exchange items with other bloggers? Let's be positive and see the bright side of the initiative. About the contents inside the magazine... My dear readers, that's another subject!




  1. Gostei da forma como deste a tua opinião sobre a situaçã forma informada!

  2. Sim, também gostei de ver tudo explicado embora tenha tido o problema inverso... queria uma sombra e só encontrava batons em Lisboa!

    Por outro lado, a minha Mãe é assinante da Vogue e ficou um bocado chateada por a revista nas bancas trazer um brinde que não foi proporcionado aos assinantes. Eu disse-lhe para ligar às assinaturas que certamente lhe resolveriam a situação, mas não sei se já o fez...


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