Friday, 7 January 2011

Someone is having a bad hair day...

Tiffosi Coat* Zara Knits* Marc by Marc Sunnies and Bag* Chocolate nailpolish

Do you know the scene in Pretty Woman when Richard Gere wakes up and discovers Julia Roberts red curly hair and her blonde wig next to the pillow? Well, that's similar to the feeling I have every morning when I look at the mirror. My hair is everyday less blonde and more strawberry and I'm being so busy with my professional life I don't have time to straight it up. So this is me in a bad haird day! But happy all the way! Thanks God is Friday, a wonderful weekend to you all.


  1. If you call that bad should see mine today, and yesterday..and everyday since I cut it!

  2. I think that your hair looks great!! You haven´t seen mine...xx

  3. I love your coat! And I don't think your hair looks bad.

  4. Lovely nail color! :)



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