Friday, 14 January 2011

Tiffany to cheer up my bronchitis!

I was supposed to be arriving Madrid now. I can make an entire collection of all the flight tickets of travels I didn't make because last minute something happened. University and magazines deadlines, family issues or me getting sick, like this time. I don't know when I'm going to be able to schedule another mini vacations so I asked a friend of mine I was going to visit in Madrid to send me somethig I was planning to buy once there. It's a Tiffany bracelet and I'm trying to decide between three I like, one in onix and the others in silver. Can you help me picking one?

I want to match with these two necklaces I have and you saw here many times:

And I'm divided into these three and the friendly doc who give ill kids a baloon only can afford one:

So what do you think? Something is pushing me to the blue heart but I want to read your opinion first!
A nice weekedend to you all that are not going to stay in bed, not that I can complain... I'm the most spoiled girl in the world! Kisses to you all.


  1. Hello, se fosse eu apostava na pulseira com coração azul! vai-se usar imenso no verão e fica super gira misturada com outras pulseirinhas...

    Já agora se me puderes ajudar numa indecisão de balzers! no meu! eheheh

    beijinhos e as melhorassss

  2. Não tás melhor?!
    Eu gosto mais do segundo, é mais intemporal, dá com tudo..e sempre tive uma coisa com cadeados, assim tens a chave, ficas com o cadeado :P

  3. The Blue heart is classic Tiffany, I would say go with your 'heart' ;)

  4. I love the second, but the three it´s very beautiful :)

  5. love them all..
    especially the first

  6. gosto muito da pulseira do heart azul e do colar da chave.



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