Saturday, 19 February 2011

God save Asos!

This are the last days of Asos winter sales (at least it is what they say) so two days agoI decided to make my final sales shopping. As usual, it was a mess! I first saw this one and ordered:

Oasis Jumper Dress with Animal Print Ruffle Skirt. 100% cotton and 50% discount. Done.

But then, and as I said here before, I could use the sales to buy a party dress and there's when I saw this Rare Opulence Origami One Shoulder Dress with 60% discount. I discovered Rare Opulence last week (I need to write a post about it), an exquisite line of Rare for party/ evening dresses. I found this dress gorgeous, very delicate, great for when I get tanned and voilá: I ordered...

Everything it will be just perfect in heaven if I knew how to stop. But I don't. I kept watching dresses and I fell for some maxis. I decided that maybe I didn't like the Rare Opulence one that much and I should replace for this silk Oasis maxi with 50% discount:

I tried to cancel the other order but it was too late and at the same time this was the last size 8 they have, so... I ordered this one also. So now the worst it can happen is that I don't like one of them and return. Maybe I won't like any. Maybe I'll like it all... And to complete this Asos pajama party, my stepmother decided to join the trip and ordered this two with my account. Both gorgeous and that I hope will fit me:

Next week we'll have 5 news dresses at home! And so it was another night in  online cheap shopping paradise...


  1. Adooooorei o primeiro e o 4 vestidos! Lindos!!! Depois mostra-os ao vivo :)

  2. Isso é que foi comprar vestidos! Ai eu ja ando a pensar é nos vestidos da nova colecção!

  3. Não! Não vou outra vez parar à Asos! Levas me à falência!!!
    Gosto muito dos dois ultimos, não ´sou muito de vestidos maxi, qu eu já so maxi que chegue!

    Grande pajama party! São saldos, never mind**

  4. adoro os 2 ultimos.a tua stepmother é das minhas =)


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