Thursday, 10 February 2011

Got Food?

Having a nice car, living in a penthouse or spending vacations on a boat doesn't make you fashion. The same for brands, the same for jewels, the same for lifestyle. What makes you fashion is your hability to balance your fashion sense with your civic sense, with your personality... Is it fashion to spend 1€ on other ring you don't need knowing that with that one coin with could be avoiding animals from starving, from dying? This is not fashionable at all... And that's why this blog supports the Got Food? movement. You can help in many simple aways even with a like on the facebook fanpage. Because all of us had or have our pets and love them, let's help the ones who aren't that lucky. Got Food?

My dog Vitória!


  1. Oh My GOOOOOOOOOOOD, that dog looks so cute. You named him after or before Luciana and Yannick ??
    Kiss from Peter

  2. Yeah sure... He's black and white like the football team of the city he was born and lives.

  3. :) Estilo é uma questao de atitude e pa ter atitude é uma questão de civismo, ética e consciencialização do meio e dos outros..
    adoro animais, e animal nnh passa por aqui nas minhas bandas sem ficar logo com barriga cheia.


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