Monday, 14 February 2011

Just some notes on Grammy Awards looks...

Jennifer Lopez in Emilio Pucci dress, Louboutin shoes, Cartier diamonds and Daniel Swarovsky clutch. After the Golden Globes disaster... Welcome Back Jen, even not being in your best, we forgive you!!

 Somehow Rihanna reminds me of Bjork in the Oscars some years ago. This cannot be good. Sorry, that Jean Paul Gaultier is a NOT.

Not that I'm crazy in love with Julianne Hough gown but among the poverty of good taste in the Grammys I must say she's one of the best dressed in this malandrino dress and Jimmy Choo clutch.

What's wrong with the Hollywood stars stylists? Sag awards were also so disappointing in terms of fashion material... I hope they wake up and surprises us all for the Oscars!

Photo Credits: People Magazine


  1. Let's just hope that the Oscars is gonna be a little bit better! The Golden globes was pretty good! All those green dresses!
    Rihanna looks like one of those scrubs used to clean test tubes !!!!!!! ......
    ps: Rachel Zoe is pregnant! that might have something to do with it!!!! .... lolololololol.....

  2. A Jennifer Lopez está muito melhor,conseguiu emendar o erro anterior.
    Mas concordo contigo.Ainda estou à espera de ser surpreendida por looks fabulosos.

  3. HAPPY VALENTINE'S!!! Adorei os grammys!


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