Monday, 7 February 2011

Love Moschino clutch....

What can I say: If you like them, buy right away because they are solding out in less than nothing. I opened the email this morning and they were three (one that I liked a lot with golden chains), 1 minute after they were just two and after I opened this one to save the pictures, it was all alone... Love Moschino, a cheaper line is having a huge success and Asos is not exception. Here is the only one I could save and I like it a lot. Navy and white dots. Great to Spring/ Summer. Go for it girls or boys: Valentines is coming. Just 111£ on Asos.



  1. Gosto muito!Sem dúvida que daria um belo presente!

  2. Tão gira esta cluntch! ;)

    gostei do teu blog.

    xoxo F.

  3. hummm...depende do tamanho, tenho 2/3 clutchs dessas que quase nunca viram o sol porque são demasiado pequenas e demasiado pipis...

    agora as bolinhas são giiiras**


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