Tuesday, 15 February 2011

My funny sweet lovely and loved Valentine...

I know that I'm spoiled. But it's not fully my fault...

If I had to choose just one part of my Valentines I'll pick with no doubt, eyes closed and one million times sure, the time that we spent together. Quality time as always. But because there's ours to keep all I can show with you is my material gifts.

Red roses will make me happy but I can't complain at all. My boyfriend prefers to offer gifts in spontaneous days instead of expected ones like today but just like last year he really rocked my world. Let's start with the Gucci sunglasses that I had spoken here before. I saw them in Paris with him and loved them, I ordered the sunglasses and he decided to pick them himself and make the surprise.
From Paris also came the most unexpected gift: this set of three beautiful wool frames with vintage Paris posters. I just can't wait to hang them in the wall of our living room. My heart melted when I started to rip the wrapping paper.
I also received an adorable Blumarine lingerie I'm going to keep just for us. I must admit lingerie is the best present to offer a woman in Valentines, to me in special that just love and collect beautiful and delicate underwear.
Last but not least my boy, that knows me sooo well, ordered the March issue of my all time favourite magazine: UK Harper's Bazaar. It may seem a small random thing but is a detail that shows the greatness of small gestures, at least for me (and for him that hates fashion).

I feel the luckiest girl in the world, mostly because is always Valentines for us. Just not lucky enough to be able to spent more hours with him. But enough of lame talking! I'm going to dress my pajamas, lay down in my warm bed and call my sweetheart!


  1. Que prendas tão boas :)


  2. Sem dúvida original e a fugir do cliché!
    Mimada :P

  3. You got some amazing presents! Lucky you :) xxx

  4. Lucky girl!
    Esses quadros são maravihosos!

  5. Awwwww! :) Heart warming, totally!


  6. que querido! é tao bom quando nos conhecem tao bem ao ponto de acertarem em cheio na prenda que mais gostaríamos de ter...sao prendas lindas.


  7. Os quadros sao maximo!!



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