Sunday, 27 February 2011

My Jasmine disguise for a night in Disneyland.

There's not much to say. My friends like to party big and this Birthday day boy is one of the best doing that. He closed his restaurant to his friends, asked everyone to dress like Walt Disney movies and we all had fun like hell. Here are some photos:

Jorge "Sparrow" Baptista

Of course I wasn't going to buy some polyester disguise to my Jasmine. I had a week to think about it and I found out all I needed was a wig. A witch wig actually, that I managed to look like Jasmines hairstyle thanks to the golden headband and the blue hair rubbers. I'm wearing a Celyn b by Elisabetta Franchi body top, silk handmade harem pants my boyfriend offered me in the summer, golden pashmina bought in Jerusalem, vintage earings and necklace from my mother (80's) and Mango golden sandals. My make up is all about sun powder and a dark foundation, black eyeliner and mascara, blue eye shadow in the lower eyelid and red lipstick.

My Aladdins!

Esmeralda and Alice

Buzz Lightyear and Minnie Mouse

Little red riding hood, Mickey Mouse and how Jasmine got blonde after some hours...

Happy 31 JB!


  1. Muito giro mesmo!Que máximo.
    As festas temáticas organizadas por pessoas com bom gosto só tem que funcionar lindamente.Eu gosto muito,acho super divertido.
    Estavas super bonita,encarnaste bem a personagem.
    Gostei muito da Alice ,já que é das minhas personagens favoritas de sempre!
    A minha filha já tem o vestidinho de Alice no guarda fatos,tão linda!!
    Boa semana,tudo a correr bem,bjs.

  2. Ganda bolo, e ficaste uma Jasmin muito gira!
    Gosto de festas temáticas!*

  3. que gira! quando era pequenita adorava os filmes...confesso que ainda hoje vejo! ahaha

    as minhas favs eram a bela e a pequena sereia.


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