Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Online shopping is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you' re gonna get!

One the most famous film quotes from one my favourite movies. I took this picture in the Bubba Gump store in Times Square and I suggest everyone to visit the store, being a fan of the movie or not. I saw Forrest Gump only millon times. It's the kind of movie I play in my living room screen while drinking and talking with friends or just playing cards...
You can hear the chocolate box expression everywhere but it's amazing how it's so right and can be used in many ways. Like how I did in the title of the post... Basically what I want to say to you is that online shopping is always a surprise. Good and bad ones. Remember the 5 new dresses that I ordered Thursday? They arrived yesterday, 3 working days, not bad at all. So here are the results:

One of them is what I expected. Not less not more.
Two of them are very different from expected, I'm going to return one of them.
One of them is better than I expected just for a small detail I didn't notice in the photos.
One of them surprised me a lot. Is an amazing dress and I couldn't tell for what I saw online.

Any guess? Well you can always wait and see the results in my next look posts (some will have to wait for Summer and this is already a clue).


  1. OI Raquel! nao a nao vende Tiffany, tem q ser mesmo nas capitais nas lojas tiffany... a minha pulseira eu ganhei de presente...
    bem q eu queria comprar Tiffany online mas nao confie muito, è melhor mesmo ir pessoalmente à loja!
    e estou ainda esperando 3 pacotes de 3 sites q eu fiz compras, nao vejo a hora! beijo, Alinne


  2. Mostra tudo depois!
    Eu não me aventuro muito com compras online.Eu vario mt nos nº.Há peças que gosto de 2 nº acima,noutras não,enfim..
    Mas tenho mais medo nos sapatos.O meu nº varia mt consoante a forma do sapato.
    Tu tens jeito pra coisa.

  3. Olá :)

    Deste me vontade de rever o Forrest Gump!
    Os sapatos que pus no blog tirei do polyvore acho que era YSL ;)


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