Monday, 28 February 2011


I was right.... They were saving all the glamour to the Oscars.  I was watching the ceremony and thinking: Oh this one looks good, this one also and this too... Ok there are some dresses I didn't like but are so many I loved... Positive mark to the Oscars 2011. Reese Witherspoon and Celine Dion in Armani Privé, Portman in Rodarte, Mila Kunis in Elie Saab, Kidman in Dior, Blanchett in Givenchy... Just see it all in my favourite online magazine for gossiping and red carpet awards: People Magazine.

Just one thing... Rachel Zoe, I know you're pregnant, tired of being so Zoe but you should have avoided 3 Hathaway disasters. She looks stunning in the other 5 looks but seriously, the tuxedo, the grey blossom weird Westwood thing and the long sleeved Tom Ford she wore in the end were not good choices. The hair though was amazing, she changed the hairstyle so many times and I loved each one of them.

She first showed up in the red carpet in this beautiful red Valentino.

I'd love to post all the looks I liked and didn't but it's too much information, It's Oscars, my head is still spinning about the movies and speechs (sad for Fincher and for the Inception). So I'm going to post just the Best Dressed of the night for me:

Gwyneth Paltrow! First in Calvin Klein and later on stage in Michael Kors.


And for last someone please tell me what Camila Alves is wearing. I couldn't discover yet but I know I love it!

I already found out: Kaufman Franco. Save this name!


  1. Gwyneth Paltrow-a minha grande favorita.
    Mais ninguém me chamou mt à atenção.

  2. I really love the Elie Saab...
    LOVE IT!!! WANT IT ;)))

  3. NIIICCCEEEEE..... goooo Cate!!

  4. Concordo, a Gwyneth estava mt bonita e o primeiro vestido foi o menlhor na minha opinião =)

    Joana Flores

  5. camila alves dress lokks so beautiful <3

    Check out my new Post & my new header :

    FashionGirl <3

  6. Partilho alguns dos teus favoritos :)

    De quem eu mais gostei foi mesmo da GPaltrow, e ainda bem que colocas.te aqui a imagem do 2o vetido, na tv não deu para ver bem.. ! :D


  7. A Guinet Poltrona estava lindissima no primeiro e a Camila Alves brutal na parte de cima, e demasiado princesa negra na parte de baixo!

    Fora isso, porque raio vestem 3 vestidos na mesma noite?! As senhoras sujam-se assim tanto ou suam assim muito do sovaquito a posar para os flashs?!

  8. Such a magical night all the stars look glam!

  9. awwww mal a vi - camila - disse logo que ia ser dos meus favs...e foi!

    depois adorei a mila kunis,a sandra bullock e a hale berry. e a cate blanchett tambem.

    nao gostei nada do da natalie portman though....e tens razão quanto a resto gostei muito de vê-la como co.anfitriã.

  10. great picks. x

    p.s. I'm having a giveaway on my blog for a necklace from pie n the sky if you'd like to check it out. :) x


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