Sunday, 13 February 2011

Shagadelic Baby!!!

Swinging Sixties: Here I come, Baby Yeah! Yeah!

Don't get scared! I'm wearing purple color lenses! That kind of things I don't enjoy very much but I like to face thematic parties or carnival costumes seriously. Yesterday was the birthday party of two friends and the theme was Austin Powers. It was very funny because everyone entered in the sixties mood. There even was a Mini Me around! I decided to leave the colors for the shoes, accessories and make up and chose this black dress with a 60's alike cut. This dress was offered by Westrags and it was a nightmare for me to chose one. They had 900!!! I decided for this one and I'm happy I could wear it in a special night like this.

Hair and make up improvised by myself once I was with fever in bed until 5 pm. Detail of the ring (another thing I can only imagine myself using for carnival) and the vintage clutch from my mum. It's not from the 60's, but from late 70's. The gold earings are also from my mum aswell as the golden cuff. I know it was a bit risky to mix the stones and silver details of the dress with gold accessories but I tried in the 60's spirit and I liked the result. Such thing as  "is forbidden to mix silver with gold" doesn't exist anymore!

I add another 60's impression to my look by wearing salmon sandals with a huge "strip tease" heel, so popular in Austin movies.  To the cold I chose my leopard print coat, another must have of this decade.

Mini Me and meeee!!!

My boy with the Powers birthday boys!

Because you must be tired by now to see my face let me show you two gorgeous sisters: Ana and Marta, blonde and brunette, beautifully wearing Sophia_Kah dresses, a new brand you are going to hear a lot about in the future. What do you think of the looks of my pretty friends?

I hope you liked the pictures and I could transfer you some of the joy of last night.

Now here we go to what I was wearing:
 Westrags dress* Mango Shoes* Vintage clutch and earings* Paco Rabanne golden bracelet* Zara coat* New Look color lenses (thank you I)


  1. Obrigada Raquel...Quer dizer que em Braga não há!Olha eu adoro essas cenas,tu dás-te bem com isso,não te faz impressão nem nada...

  2. Amei o look!!!! Estavas giríssima:)

  3. ADORO !!!! Festas temáticas estavas linda :)

    Tb usei lentes mas o sterling grey da fresklooks :)


  4. Que giras que vocês estavam! :D

  5. Adorei o teu look, super bem estruturado eheh :)

    Também gostei dos vestidos das irmãs e preciso do acessório do cabelo dessa menina eheh :)


  6. Olha, olha, gostei muito do vestido da Westrags, fica te muito bem, e as sandalecas futuristas...adorei a expressão strip tease heel (or hell)!

    Adoro festas temáticas!

  7. Adoro festas temáticas.
    Estavas muito bonita e o penteado fica-te muito bem.
    São tuas irmãs?Ou são amigas?
    Adorei os vestidos.

  8. que linda! adorei as tuas sandalias...maravilhosas! e que irmãs tao elegantes,ja se vê que é de familia =)

    Bj grande


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