Friday, 25 February 2011

The shopping badge I had until yesterday...

Remember my badge for good behaviour while doing Christmas Shopping? Well I never showed you how I decided to use it. I pinned the golden details badge to a black coat that it was kind of forgotten in my closet. I think it was a perfect combination for both pieces:

This morning I was wearing the coat when I noticed the badge was gone. I lost it the same way I lose so many things I like. So this could be a post about how to improve an unused garment with a small detail that makes all the difference or a post honoring my  lost badge, but honestly...
This is a post about how good behaviour is not worth it and that this year I'm going to buy a bunch of things to myself with the money for my nephews Christmas presents!! 

(Or not, but it was good to discharge my anger!)


  1. Ohhh :( So sad!! É (era) muito bonito, de facto, e dava um toque bastante especial ao casaco (;

  2. ooh... e agora tenta arranjar um idêntico! agulha, linha e voilá ;) dar outro toque ao casaco!

  3. adoro a imagem ;)
    Vou seguir!!!

  4. Pode ser que apareça tal como a chave Tiffany..
    Bom fim de semana.Bjs.

  5. oh sad that your badge is gone, does that mean you can go on bad behaviour on a shopping rampage now? hehe

  6. Aww pretty! Adoro, super gira!


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