Sunday, 6 February 2011

When in Egypt...

There's no place like Cairo... I was in cities like New York, Jerusalem or Paris and neither of those made me feel like Cairo. I was there just a few days but I told right away how I wish I could live there for some months. It's a chaos but at the same time kind of magical... It was a dream that came true... I cried when I saw Tutankhamon tomb, I wanted that since I was little, I imagined Carter entering there in the 20's. I get easily emotional with greatness and Egypt is one of those places.. The temples, the loud prays, the full moon in  Nilo! I was in many islamic countries already, I had arabic lessons and I always felt seduced by their culture, but Egypt was so much more than that... A country of genious, a cultural and historic lesson that everyone should get to know. I really adored and I'm wishing all the best for that magic country. I wanted to share with you some photos of my trip as my way of tribute.


  1. Amo a última foto! Deve ser fantástico aquele local (:


  2. I too love the historical importance of Egypt, and while I've never been, I hope to one day. Hoping that a peaceful resolution will happen for this great country.

  3. Adorei!
    Desejo um bom desfecho para o Egipto.
    Bj grande,boa semana,bom trabalho.

  4. Realmente é lindo e mágico, espermos que resolvam de uma vez o processo da passagem para a democracia, bem precisam...

  5. as fotos tão lindissimas...seja sincera que não é um país que esteja no topo da lista para visitar, mas sempre gostei de História e consequentemente da histórias faraónicas.

    esperemos que tudo se resolva da forma mais satisfatoria para ambas as partes :)

  6. Adorei as imagens :)

    Que belo pais deve ser!
    E que sorte tives.te tu em já lá ter ido.. bons tempos Lol



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