Thursday, 31 March 2011

I'm crazy in love with this dress too...

I'm glad I have so many dresses I don't need to buy it!

With my feet on the ground!

Finally I'm out of bed and my dreams with Balenciaga bags stopped. I'll try to remain focused on things that I need and I'll leave the Balenciaga for sales. I just got my wonderful Louis Vuitton yesterday so my bag compulsion can wait (don't ever believe a word I say about bags abstention, but right now I swear this is my intention). Yesterday night I was thinking what I really need in my wardrobe: a pair of black peep toes, some statement accessories, shorts... All these I'm going to show you, step by step.

By now I just bought one of the things of my wishlist: a trench coat. I had one beautiful camel trench that was stolen in a club two years ago. One year ago I left a brand new Zara satin trench coat in a friend's car and I never got to see it again (my fault!). I bought this one from Vero Moda in Asos (today was the last day to use the 20% discount) and I'm quite happy. The cut and the color looks great. It was not expensive at all and I'm sure I'm going to use it a lot! Here is my first conscious purchase of the Spring:

Did you notice that Parfois is getting better every month?

That's true! If I already loved the past Spring/ Summer collection I'm thrilled with this one. I want everything!  Now that I'm getting better, back to work and looking at the sun shining outside, all I think is in accessories to color my pallidness. Here are some photos from the SS2011 lookbook:

Let me show some of the items I like the most:

Any favourite?

Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Still about the World/ Balenciaga conspiration...

I just woke up from my afternoon nap (yes, I'm sick I can do naps!) and I had a major surprise checking my mails... Max B the store in Spain I told you here before, emailed me the pictures of all the Balenciagas bags they have in the store without me asking... They knew I was interested in one and they just decided to send the pictures. Mmmm nice marketing gesture. So after dreaming with Balenciagas yesterday, today I woke up with the images of the Balenciagas I have in a store next to me. Is or is not the world conspiring against me?? Ok! I show you the bags....

I'm so confused, I think I'm going to buy a Celine!

I'm so much more than this...

I mean... I'm all that you see here. I'm crazy about bags (my family call it sick), I love clothes (dresses in special) and I like shoes. I like beauty, I love fashion magazines, advertising and news. I like to share with you my purchases, I love to hear your opinion about little things like hair and nails. I like to show you my photos, check your comments and I do love to read your blogs. But I have to confess that something is missing here... I read a huge amount of blogs about fashion but I also read a lot that are not. And God knows how I miss writing. For years I said that it was the only thing I was good doing at. Maybe I'm still am.

So this post is to tell you, portuguese readers (everyone is welcome but I believe some words will get lost in translation), that I'm going to start to give some more attention to my other blog that was created in 2006. Residência fixa nas Nuvens ou em Sunset Boulevard is a personal blog mainly about culture, about cinema and music. There you can find many film reviews but you can also find little testemonials of my life. You can find the prologue of the novel I'm writing or my chronicles about women for a male magazine. You can find words I wrote when I was happy, some when I was sad... You can find the poem I read in my grandma's funeral. The letter I wrote to my british friends when I left England.

This is me. But that blog is me too... So me. And I need to start writing that way again, no shoes nor bags to distract. So I invite you all to take a look to my first house and of course, stay around because this one is not going anywhere!


Tuesday, 29 March 2011

I had a dream....

Where I had a Balenciaga blossom bag. Such thing doesn't exist but they are available in all colors of the rainbow this year... And they are teasing me for at least a year! Everywhere I go there's a Balenciaga blinking the eye at me! Everywhere!!! Even that small white one in the second row for such a nice price!

Do you think the universe is trying to tell me something or I should just get back to sleep?

PS- I really dreamed with a blossom Balenciaga eventhough I use to dream with all kinds of bags while awake!

Good news to cheer up my sick day in bed!

Look who decided to show up in Paris last week after all....

Come to Mummy... I already waited and suffered for you more than you deserve!

Rare (plus Opulence and Paprika) for sale!

Finally I'm going to talk about this brand that british girls know so well... If you are a Asos customer you saw some Rare stuff for sure. There's the main brand: Rare, a low cost label with adorable garments. There's Rare Opulence that I talked here before: A more exquisite brand with lots of cocktail and night dresses. Some of them are just... Breath taking. And there's Paprika, a label for younger girls, but I bet that you would love it all, no matter how old are you, and the prices... It makes you want to buy the entire collection!
I got to know this brand in and then I find out they have their own website. Even with the shipping costs it's worth it to order from Rare and guess what: They are in a mid season sale! Here are some of my favourites:

Opulence Layered Bow Bandeau Dress
Before: 157£ Now: 115£

Rare Dot Frill Shoulder Dress
Before: 32£ Now: 19£

Rare Wide Leg Jersey Trousers
Before: 37£ Now: 22£

Paprika Lace Strip Crop Top
Before: 20£ Now: 12£



Paprika Jersey Frill Sleeve Dress
Before: 22£ Now: 12£

Monday, 28 March 2011

Portugal Fashion Fall Winter 11/12 by my eyes

I didn't go to the last day so I'm going to talk about what I saw. The first three days of PF were great in terms of fashion, I have so much to say you can't imagine... It's really different to go to a fashion show when you are working in fashion industry because everything looks different to you. That's why I'm not going to talk much about it. I have my own ideas, good and bad reviews, but I'm going to keep the most of them to myself and to the people who I work with. And as you know my blog is a positive one so I'm not going to talk about this or that I didn't like. As I promised in the beginning I'm just going to do to a quick list about the best of PF this Spring.

Best Collection- Alves/ Gonçalves

I can start saying I could use everything in this collection. The hats, the furs, the combination of colors, fabrics... They know what they are doing and they know it for a long while. That's why they are the best portuguese designers for me and once more the best collection was theirs.

Best Show- Teresa Martins

What a surprise. I saw the images in the screen, I felt the scent in the air, I knew something big was going to happen... This show was beautiful! The clothes were amazing but this was much more than just clothes. Like Teresa Martins said the important is the message. And everyone in that place felt it. Deep in the heart.

Best Designer- Miguel Vieira

I can't say this was the best collection because it wasn't. But it was a good one, even with all the bad reviews talking about an excessive Jil Sander inspiration. Yes, it remind me of Jil Sander as of Lanvin, but the collection was beautiful and more than that you can feel the confidence of Miguel Vieira in his models more than in any other show. Miguel Vieira is a Star, he's a self made man with an amazing journey in fashion world and that's why he received a standing ovation.

Best Model- Milena Cardoso

I saw this brazilian beauty in many different shows and she was always amazing. She smiled when she had to, the looked far and distant in the right moments. She was always amazing. She was the most beautiful presence in the runaway and the best dressing the spirit behind the clothes.

The Worst- I know I said I was going to be positive but I need to mention this. Once more most of the girls were too skinny. They looked sick, some looked like they were going to pass out any moment. I don't understand how the designers, the model agencies, the organization and everyone in the casting process  thinks that the clothes look good on these girls. Because it doesn't. Some beautiful garments just got sunk in the image of a fragile sad girl in the runaway. Take a look to some international fashion weeks... Slimness doesn't mean beauty. In many cases is quite the opposite. 

My third and last day of PF

I don't like how I look in this photo. I look pregnant with a sad look in my eyes and extremely pale, just weird... But I like the photo, I like the photographer and I like the story behind it so I had to post it. Here are some more taken by Sil. 

As I told in the previous post this was my favourite Portugal Fashion day, but I was not there in a working mode or a blogger mode. I was just being me with my friends and my passion for fashion.
I finally wore my new Oasis dress but because the dress is so "heavy" (even more live than in photos) I decided to wear the denim jacket, the maxi bag and the ponytail to get a lighter look. It's Portugal Fashion, not a wedding party, so I think I did ok =).

I'm wearing:
Oasis silk dress ordered by Asos* Sisley denim jacket* Springfield cat necklace* Love Moschino bag

After a month here I have some more photos taken by Zé and these ones I like. Oh dear, why did you choose that one to publish?

Thank you Alfaiate for the great job, I love them all, even looking pregnant =)

Sunday, 27 March 2011

Feel beautiful inside if you want to look stunning outside!

Friday was my last day of Portugal Fashion and it was the best. I didn't have to work the day after so I was relaxed, having some drinks with friends and watching great fashion shows. Do you want better program for a Friday night? I was so relaxed I even forgot my camera at home. Some nice people took photos and I'll show you when I get them. I even gave an interview to a television network about the influence of the blogs in the fashion world. Yesterday my father called me, saying that he saw the interview live but that I should have taken my jacket to show the dress he offered me better... It was really funny! I just can't wait to see it and of course, post it here. Tomorrow I'll finally post my best and worst of Portugal Fashion but today I just came here to share with you my weekend that was all about what I wrote in the title.

The past week I didn't sleep at all, I was feeling tired and a bit sick and the next week is going to be crazy at my work. So this weekend I decided I need to took care of myself. I'm not talking about my hair, nails or make up. I'm not talking about new dresses and shoes. I'm talking about my soul. I went to a hotel spa in a small village and I spend two days away from everything with the best boyfriend a girl can have.

The view from my hotel room

I scheduled a massage the moment I get in the hotel and I spent the rest of the day chilling, always with the scent of incense and  relaxing music in a warm atmosphere. This video shows an wonderful thing I want to repeat: chromotherapy. It felt really really good!

After the day at the spa I had a huge steak and a good night of sleep. Today was all about movies and now here I am, back to reality, ready to face my week!

And I even managed not to break a leg. Hooray!!!

And how about you? Are you taking care of your inside beauty?

Friday, 25 March 2011

How I managed to dress up in 5 minutes to Portugal Fashion - day 2

I didn't! It took me like 10 with the make up... I was really tired yesterday and you can tell by my eyes, smaller than the usual. I chose pants, a body top, pearls and a red lipstick. I was very classic but this is a kind of look I like to wear, mainly for Winter. Even being really tired was worth it to go because I loved the fashion show of Alves/ Gonçalves and I hope to show you here some photos soon.
Today I'm even more tired than yesterday so... Let's see if staying home will be my fashion program for tonight....

Mango Pants* Celyn b. by Elisabetta Franchi body top* Zara faux fur vest* Mulberry maxi clutch* Zara stilettos* Massimo Dutti belt* Vintage pearls
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