Friday, 18 March 2011

Black leather and gold signature chain. Part I - The look

It started with Chanel but now many brands are using this trend. Fow what I remember I first saw these chains more often in fast fashion and designer stores about two years ago and now they are everywhere and TO STAY! The famous chain from 2.55 bag is reproduced by other brands like Mulberry, Marc Jacobs and why not, Moschino. The same happens in other cheaper options, mostly in bags, but like Chanel did it, I also love to see it in clothes and other accessories.
I'm using my favourite black leather and gold chain piece that is my beloved Chanel watch you know so well. My mother gave me about a year ago and I got really happy, because more than being a Chanel, it was a Chanel she liked, bought 24 years ago but decided to give it to me.

This Post has a "Part I" in the title because I want to show you pictures of other bags and garments from SS11 with this trend from luxury brands to brands we all can afford. I'm just so tired, tired in every way you can imagine, that I'm just not able to Google anything else today. I'm sharing my today's outfit and I hope you like it. I promise I'll make the second part of this post soon...
I wish you all a good weekend and tomorrow is all about Daddy.

I'm wearing:
Blanco dress* Christian Dior scarf* Moschino Love bag* Chanel watch* Gucci Sunglasses


  1. Gosto muito!!!!

    Estás uma lufada de ar fresco primaveril


  2. a revolta da manga curta hoje! tu e eu!
    gosto muito disso! e afinal a mala presta ou na presta?!

  3. A mala é tão cute! E combina tão bem com o dia de sol maravilhoso que esteve hoje! :)

  4. Gosto muito.
    Jovem,moderna,sofisticada e descontraída.
    O lenço em conjunto com a bolsa resultou num look navy chic.Lindo!

  5. Love the bag! The watch is amazing as well!


  6. Desconhecia essa tua relíquia Chanel.. adorei :)

    Quanto à mala, achei que escolhes-te muito bem, é super gira :)


  7. oh...a mala fica-te meeeeeeega bem :)) e adorei a história desse chanel watch <3 beijinho

  8. uau! essa mala é lindissima! maravilhosa .....que paixao.


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