Monday, 14 March 2011

I broke the "NO denim + denim" rule!

That's right! I always defended that a denim top with a denim bottom was a fashion blunder. I thought it looks really cheesy and reveals an extreme lack of fashion taste. Maybe I still think this way, but I broke the rule! I started picking clothes to wear with my apple necklace and decided navy will be perfect. I wanted to use my boyfriend's denim shirt that has more than 20 years (back from when he was a kid) and I tried an amazing amount of trousers, skirts and shorts. It's too cold to wear it in the top of a dress and I didn't like any of the looks I styled, until I realized that what looked really well with that denim shirt was a pair of dark denim jeggings. So I broke the rule and I'm happy I did it because I really like the result ;)

Zara jeggings and tshirt* Ralph Lauren vintage shirt* Stradivaruius headband* Gucci Sneakers* Bag made of recycled materials bought at Serralves Museum* Friis & Company Necklace I won here.


  1. Boa!

    Eu ainda não tive coragem de quebrar essa regra... nem sei se algum dia conseguirei, mas em ti funcinou bem :)


  2. Qual regra qual que, tas gira assim..e as riscas ficam sp sp bem!

  3. Acertaste em cheio.
    Estás linda.Denim em look total definitivamente SIM.

  4. Eu cá acho que fizeste lindamente em quebrar a regra... e que o fizeste em grande estilo!


  5. ADORO ganga com ganga! adoro, também já o fiz algumas vezes e quem não gosta que coma rebuçados, que a azia faz mal ao estomago :P

    ; )) *

    (e o cabelo como te estás a dar?)

  6. UAU super gira! O desfile da ultima foto é Miguel Vieira!

  7. A regra quebrada ficou lindíssima! Beijo*

  8. Gostei mt do conjunto :))

    E ficou mt bem o quebrar da regra :P


  9. haha, I've also broken this rule! But I think that rule is over because I ee denim on denim everywhere now...its cute! LOVE the apple necklace with it! :) and thanks for the awesome comment on my blog :)


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